About Us

This site is about us, the human race, our journey seeking gnosis, the knowledge of spiritual mysteries.  For me growing up on a farm in a small rural Christian community was the foundation of my belief system. I developed a connection to nature that has been with me for all my life.  After the US Marine Corp, Educated by various colleges and Universities, then working in corporate world, government and nongovernment, I realized life had so much more to offer.

We live in two inseparable worlds, the physical and metaphysical. Each of us are on a lifelong quest seeking the meaning of life, to find happiness and understanding of the worlds we live and the afterlife. Today more than ever before, the plandemic has sparked the emotions of everyone human on the planet.

There is much to learn about our world and new information is coming to us everyday as the veil is being lifted. We just have to use our Divine Gift of discernment to decipher the truth. We are seeing a spiritual evolution, positive and negative forces colliding and we are all part of it . Since 2010, I have been on a focused quest seeking the truth from wisdom teachings of world religions, philosophies, belief systems, energy, meditation, science, metaphysics, extraterrestrial, and the esoteric teachings of Jesus, Buddha and many others. The Law of One, an event that occurred in 1981 through 1984, provided an understanding of our world, our universe and most importantly, Infinite Intelligence, the force we call God. The Law of One provides much insight on what is happening today. I am a simple student of life, a Mystic, Gardener, a seeker of truth and freedom with a passion for gardening, sharing concepts and knowledge that may assist others on their life Journey.

We are a world community from all walks of life, religions, and cultures with diverse backgrounds, seeking the truth.  We are students in the school ofc25c878aa9aec3e95e1f35e61914eaf7 life, to seek and learn.  This site is about exploring the meaning and understanding of unconditional love and wisdom through the commonality of world religions.  Our challenge is to deprogram ourselves, clear our mind and understand our world, our purpose, and most importantly how to evolve spiritually.4a21c128a07b18c651163bc858774d0f

Studies of Religions made me realize there is some truth in all religions  but no religion is the truth.  Meditation, philosophy, metaphysics, science, and the Law of One, made me realize there was much more to the truth. If any of the information provided  inspires even one person to seek the truth, it will be worthwhile.