Our Journey

Inspiration is about our transformation. It is about treating the whole body, to be able to be mentally stimulated to do or feel something special, to be creative, and to discover our spirituality. It is to help us break free to discover our true selves and create our own positive reality. We have been programmed from birth, through our education systems, religious and culture. Today we are bombarded with commercials and subliminal messages everywhere we go, imagines and sound waves from our cell phones, electronic billboards, TV, radio, computers and other electronic gadgets enticing us to buy their product. Those messages sell products and we are part of the system. Messages go out to you and your family every day; the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our latest and greatest gadgets. A messaging system that goes worldwide. Drug commercials encourage you to tell your doctor to try this medication or that one. A medication that probably causes more issues than the condition it was supposed to treat. Doctors have been trained to sell drugs not treat the patient holistically. And then there is our food system, laden with pesticides and GMO’s, no labeling to help you make a selection. Our ancestors, different cultures, religions, and beliefs have so much to offer if we can ever find the truth. Each one of us have a divine spark within us. A spark, that if ignited, could be so powerful we could change the world.

That is what Inspiration is all about, a journey to block out the noise of today’s world and seek the truth our ancestors have left behind for us to discover

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