All Censored Videos

The censored videos that have been removed or blocked from YouTube, Google and Facebook they do not want you to see can be found HERE.

We have never lived in a time when the whole world has been censored from seeking the truth. When Censorship  occurs we know truth  is being hidden from the masses.  We live a time when not only our physical lives are in jeopardy from the virus,  but more importantly,  the tyranny that is rising across the world. It is jeopardizing every person’s  body, mind and Spiritual health by eliminating  the truth.

Below is a report from George Webb,  an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area. You can find his last two reports regarding the COVID and deep state involvement in the videos below.

NATO Dark Hand On Trump And CoronaVirus Now Evident can be found here

This Bioweapon Was Deployed By People Who Did It Before and can be found here

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