Convention of States Article V application

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Now more than ever, as set by our founding fathers, via Article V of our Constitution. By Constitutional provisions. We The People must call for a Constitutional Convention Of States.

Our areas of primary focus are:

1.- Term Limits; for ALL federal government employees, to include congress and judges. It’s time to clean house and send these self serving tyrants packing ! It’s time to once and for all, eliminate ” career politicians”

2.-Enforce a federal government fiscal budget. While our $27+trillion national debt climbs, it is our children and grandchildren that will bare the weight of this burden. Meanwhile, inflation is rising, as the U.S. dollar is weakening by the day.

3.- Limit the scope, and regulation of federal government overreach. It’s time to come together, unite, ignite our power we hold by ” We The People ” once again, and take our country back !

Anything else, such as freedom of speech, the strengthening of our gun rights, tax reform, voter integrity, the breaking up of big tech monopolies- and the end to global elitist powers….is within our full reach to execute and redistribute power back into our own range of scope to save our nation.

Please take the time to learn about our grassroots movement, by visiting: Sign the petition and contact your state legislation- demand the need for the call of a Convention Of State passage.
Start a necessary conversation with your loved ones and initiate critical dialog in your community. Empower yourself with knowledge, know your value as ” We The People ” and take back your unalienable and born rights as an American citizen. Our government works for us, we’ve become slaves to our own government.

This is our country and we must make our stand now, with a Convention Of States and the brilliance of our founding fathers. It is our only and final means of a peaceful-true solution, that can achieve resolve in our problems of today.

Read below for the latest Progress Map, of current states that have passed the Convention Of States Article V application.

Please share this post. Join our channel/group discussion community. We must make our stand now and for the future of our country-our children and their’s, with a Convention Of States. We’ve inherited our right to lead our country, not government. Our founding fathers of our great nation, knew the need to further protect us, by safeguarding us with essential tools for our voices/needs. Article V of our Constitution, is designed in our defense from the very government that exists, for these very times ! Note: Be careful of mis-info and fear campaigns that are anti-COS, the reality is our government will do everything it can to stop us ! Because it is a direct threat to their radicalism, tyrannical, and bureaucratic ways that only enhance their lives.

 Convention Of States= It is our only and final effective means of a peaceful-true solution.

Can Americans afford to wait and allow for our traditions, American values, and our country to further deteriorate much more ? This is the only place we have, and there is no greater force than “We The People”, who are stronger in numbers. And while the window of opportunity is being forcefully shut, as Americans we must fully engage- push back. It’s up to us, as the restoration of our land can only come from us, to stop the bleeding !

It’s time to exercise our civic duties together !! Our America needs you, vest in America- make the time….educate yourselves. Re-read our Constitution with emphasis on Article V, get involved, and act by signing the petition today !!

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