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L/L Research offers  information for spiritual seekers, The Ra Material and Law of One books, wanderers and so much more.

Law of One-The Ra Material with Jim McCarty & Gary Bean at L/L Research YouTube 

James McCarty, the last  survivor of the three was on this podcast  by Ascended Minds  in  December, 2017 with two  others from L/L research. They talked about the event and how it changed their lives.

Excellent searchable database with all 106 sessions of The Law of One

Scott Mandelker, PhD provides his understanding  and teaching of  the Law of One on YouTube. 

The complete Law of One series by Scott Mandelker.

Law of One Society for the study and enlightenment towards the Law of One.

All 106 sessions Law of One playlist on Youtube 

L/L research Facebook page

Links to other sites and pages discussing the Law of One

“All are one” Heraclitus



 Law of One-Ascension  Loo

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