Is Reincarnation for Real?

reincarnationcycleBuddhism, Hinduism and Jainism have adopted reincarnation as part of their mainstream teachings and there are other sects of other religions that incorporate reincarnation on a smaller level, such as Kabbalah and Druze.

According to The Law of One,  this life is a training ground, to learn to love unconditionally and to be of service to others.  We get a chance to get it right not once, or twice but a number of times through reincarnation, not just here, but throughout the universe. The Law of One Society provides more insight.

If life is a test and we are held accountable for our actions, how do you want to score on the test?  It is free will, so you get to choose.  The penalty for getting it wrong is that you’re get to do it again, but there is a catch: you do not remember; that is, unless you’re a child.  There are many stories from children supporting reincarnation and many case studies supporting reincarnation from a scientific approach with past life videos.

reincarnationSo let’s assume, we do not learn and we are reincarnated when we die.  You could be a male or female of any ethnic group, in a completely different culture, rich or poor, with or without physical or mental handicap.  If you have learned, you evolve.  The Law of One,  with a searchable database and also on this video.  All religions were given the same message and are considered equal and even provides answers to some age-old questions.

Life is our testing ground and we all have free will, to choose what we believe and what we do.  Could be as simple as learning to love and be a service to others.

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