The Social Credit System

Mark Dice is an independent media analyst and bestselling author of “Hollywood Propaganda: How TV, Movies, and Music Shape Our Culture.” He has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from California State University and was the first conservative YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers (in 2017). He has been featured on Fox News, the History Channel, E! Entertainment, the Drudge Report, and news outlets around the world.

In his  video below,  Mark explains how we have been programmed and brainwashed for years.

It has been reported the social credit system is largely implemented in China and everything they do is  under surveillance 24 hours a day. The Chinese  people as nation are have been deprived of the power of sensation while the government does what it wants. We cannot forget where the virus originated, Wuhan China, covered with 5g technology. And a perfect example of they lies, listen to the video below about  the Social Credit System in Canada.


That is why they want to enslave the whole world with new technology.  By implementing social credit system world wide, you could be are deprived of points for shopping, medicine, food, work ban, travel and even prosecution  if you are deemed a public health hazard and don’t follow their rules.

Neil Oliver: ‘People ought not to fear the power of governments. Governments ought to fear the power, the righteous power of their people.’

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