One thought on “What the Elites Don’t Want You to Know; Billionaires Address AI Regarding Future Jobs; ABC Censors Robert F Kennedy Jr.”

  1. Search for the Rothscild’s 25 point plan for world domination, written 1773. Democracy is a joke…’they’ only have to manipulate a tiny fraction of votes to get the 51% majority. 51% is not a majority.

    We need free and fair elections and a true majority to make useful changes.

    We are at the mercy of merciless psychopathic tyrants, same as throughout history as those beings have no compassion, remorse or mercy…they are sociopaths and psychopaths…they are destroying food chains, economies and control technologies that can destroy crops, properties and lives from Earth and Space with impunity.
    They have also built massive underground cities and facilities for the survival of those whom they choose…not personally interested.
    I am not my body…I am free.

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