Our Journey

We’re programed from birth.  Our culture, education, media and religious systems played an integral part of who we are today. Now we are bombarded daily with commercials, subliminal messages, sound waves from our cell phones, electronic billboards, TV, radio, computers and other electronic gadgets enticing us to buy their product. Those messages sell products and we are part of the system. Messages go out to you and your family every day; the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our latest and greatest gadgets. A messaging system that goes worldwide.

Pharmaceutical companies use messages to legally peddle their drugs killing more people than illegal drugs. Drug commercials encourage you to tell your doctor about medication that may be worse than your aliment. Doctors have been trained to sell drugs and vaccinations, instead of treating the patient.

Food companies are no different, using subliminal messaging to sell their GMO, nutrient deficient, pesticide laden food, even adding additives that make you crave their food.  Unlike most of the other countries of the world, there is no labeling required in the United States to help you make a selection.

If, that is not enough, the air we breathe from the constant bombardment of geoengineering from the sky, earthquakes caused by the fracking process, forests being destroyed, and our water being polluted, and if this continues, it will be our eventual demise. These are just examples of how every level of government, controlled by corporations, owned by the elites are destroying our planet and resources for control.

This is not what our creator intended, and as stewards of the earth, we have failed.   Our ancestors, different cultures, religions, and beliefs have so much to offer and we are told to seek the truth. The earth is our home and we all have responsibility to save it from this destruction.  We are not different races, but one race, the human race, with a divine spark within us. If we ignite that spark we can save ourselves and the world we live.

That is what Inspiration is all about, a journey to save our world, and seek the truth our ancestors have left behind for us to discover.