Jaun O Savin-The Called-Makings of a Perfect Day

Join Jaun O Savin as he takes his trip across America to Washington .

The Called – Makings of a Perfect Day

Juan O Savin – The Called – Makings of a Perfect Day

Then there are the really big events they pull off, like 9/11, which resulted in us supposedly having to blast Iraq and Afghanistan to smithereens. What did those countries have to do with anything that happened on 9/11? Do you understand that they took down our enormous twin towers in a ritual moment, just like the event I referenced earlier about their ritual time of 11:54 in Washington D.C? What is the occult and hidden-religious significance with their large number
of ritual buildings that they had methodically and precisely constructed around the sacrificial altar site of the twin towers; the place where the veil between the earthly and demonic realms was ritually rent and opened by them on 9/11? Within an approximate ten-mile radius of the towers, is much of their deity-type statuary standing as idolic and demonic witnesses to the destructive events of 9/11.

These many ritual buildings and the statuary that surround the area, includes another of their symbols honoring Isis, their Egyptian goddess. They stuck it right in the middle of New York
Harbor. It’s our so-called “Statue of Liberty.” Like their flame at JFK’s grave, that Isis torch is a part of their satanic worship. Again, multiple structures and buildings around the vicinity
of where those towers were, have a ritual meaning, which includes a fairly new ornament that mysteriously popped onto the scene several years ago: the Wall Street Bull. It must have taken a sculptor tens of thousands of dollars to create that bull statue, which is one more of their ritual symbols.

Even the United Nations is backing all this up; helping facilitate their plans for us. Why? For what purposes? The same people that funded the property given for the U.N., also put up the
money for those 9/11 buildings. It was the Rockefeller family. From that family, have we been subjected to Trojan horses that most haven’t known about? Yes, Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller. His dad is Winthrop Rockefeller. What you got with Clinton was a story; another false narrative for you to believe. They told us William Blythe was his father but it’s more fake news. You wouldn’t elect him to office as a Rockefeller, so they had to give him a different name. That false identity kept you from shutting him down. But there he is, hiding in plain sight. Kid by the side of the Road  

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  1. I cannot find any cross-reference that Bill Clinton’s father was Winthrop Rockefeller. Can you tell me where to find your source if that is a fact?

  2. I am Willing To Give my life for this President, & do it with Integrity, Loyalty, Dignity, Tenacity & will fight with Strength & Fortitude.
    GodBless The Entire Trump Family, I Thank them for giving so Graciously their father to save the World.
    May our Father who Art in Heaven place his hands of Protection, give strength & guidance to Americas
    45th Commander&Chief
    Our President Donald JTrump.
    #Trump2Q2Q 2Q21, 2Q22, 2Q3Q & on & on & on til thee of Time🇺🇸

    1. Sorry… no way to edit comments— my post should say …. Sadly most of videos are Youtube and are removed. I found this site doing a search on interpretations of the Book of Thomas from the Gospels.

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