Kyle Kemper, Justine Trudeaus’s half-brother speaks; Riccardo Bosi Verifies a Plan To Save The World

United we stand; divide we fall,  has more meaning today than anytime in history. We are not just talking about the United States, but the world.   We are at war, not the conventional war that comes with death and destruction, but the battle for the minds. We live in a world of chaos and confusion, truths and untruths, distractions and “fear”, the number one weapon for the Global elites.  Keep the masses in fear, the Globalist will remain in control.  The interview with Kyle Kemper, Justine Trudeaus half brother may provide insight.

Kyle Kemper, Justine Trudeaus’s half-brother on vaccines, the WEF, the Great Reset and how his brother is part of a globalist agenda.

Full video below


Vaccine Deaths as of Early 2021

From a Trucker in the USA

What is happening in Australia is coming to the USA sooner than you think. Riccardo Bosi Verifies Plan To Save The World & That White-Hats Are Very Busy Behind The Scenes, but we have to do our part. We cannot sit back and just observe, we all have to be part of the movement. To give you some idea what is expected,  listen to AustraliaOne Party – Q&A with Riccardo Bosi and Kim March – Part 1. 

BREAKING! Canada Bends the Knee to Public Pressure!


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