Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says “Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any.” Robert F Kennedy Jr,  “It Is all corruption”

This video is no longer available for the public!  Pfizer filed a copyright claim to have taken down so it wouldn’t get shared widely, in which CEO Albert Bourla says “Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any.” Clearly they are trying to hide every single proof! The vaccine is useless, harmful and dangerous. We all know the purpose: money laundering and manipulation! Don’t stay silent and blind!

Pfizer quietly warns investors about tidal wave of potential fraud revelations soon to come (op-ed)

Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Be mindful of the truth!  It Is all corruption! They don’t give a crap about public health and the US people! How Gates And Fauci Turned NIH And WHO Into Big Pharma Billions! Wake up America! More is coming! I will expose them all very soon! Phone call conversations, secret emails and fake scenarios!


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., [2/11/2022 5:55 PM]  What’s in it for Fauci to partner with pharma? Power. He is the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. The way that you’ll last, survive in NIH, is by doing the bidding of the pharmaceutical industry, and the military.

About $1.6 billion in its budget comes from the military for bioweapons research. When he started accepting the money to do Gain-of-Function studies in 2001 — after the anthrax attacks — the military wanted to be doing the studies.

But they couldn’t, because there’s a loophole in the biological weapons treaty that says you can’t develop any bioweapons, but if you’re developing a vaccine at the same time, you can.

The Pentagon was scared because they believed people wouldn’t really believe they were working on vaccines, so they started funneling the money for bioweapons research to Fauci.

So much harm going on!  We all have to fight against the US nation enemies! Join: Robert F.Kennedy Jr (


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