Juan O Savin; The Final Chapter

Juan O Savin; The Final Chapter: Our Military Is Not Going Along With The Fraud!

2 thoughts on “Juan O Savin; The Final Chapter”

  1. Evidence of a massive fraudulent election is outstanding & BLATANTLY CLEAR.. We have an illegitimate president holding office. He should have been arrested on January 20th. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that our military is keeping its oath to the constitution and to the American people. In Biden’s first month he gave billions to the Ratheon group the single major contractor who nabs most of the military contracts from the federal gov’t. They’re not about to throw Biden out of office. The military have ABANDONED US!

    1. I agree with your concerns, and it there is seemly no evidence of military involvement to the general public. I would like to add the billions that go to the Raytheon Group does not go to the military but to civilian contractors. Civilian contractors do not take an oath to the US Constitution and in all probability part of deep state. There is word on the street that the military will be required to reaffirm their oath to the constitution. We just have to keep the faith.

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