MSM is the Virus, Hospitals are being paid for COVID Deaths and more on the Truckers Protest.

MSM is the enemy of the People. Doctors explains how deadly the vaccines are and reporters start to walk away. They are called out when the facts are revealed but does not fit their narrative.  MSM is the true virus. The only way we get these media companies for not reporting the truth about the adverse reactions, the deaths and the injuries is to file criminal complaints and charge the media to being accessory to murder.

Man gets into a car accident, paramedic tries to kill him with sedative drugs. He woke up on a ventilator with hospital staffs telling him he has Covid. They tried to kill him. This is happening throughout the world. Hospitals are paid for reporting COVID deaths, some reports up to $100k. | For more coverage of the Freedom Convoy Rebel News’ Kian “K2” Simone and Sydney Fizzard travelled down to the Canada-U.S. border, separating Coutts, Alberta from Sweet Grass, Montana, where truckers have shut down the border. The movement that is fighting for everyones freedom. e is cahngHe mo

Coutts Alberta Freedom Convoy USA Border Blockade Life – Feb.3, 2022 Update
Dancing in the Streets

The real agenda has been planned for a long time

David Rockefeller talks about over-population and population control  Dec 8, 2008


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