Dr Richard Bartlett talks about COVID19 Treatment

Dr Richard Bartlett talks about the COVID19 from the medical perspective, mask and social distancing and other controversial guidance from CDC and WHO.





In the coming days, weeks and months,   information will be coming to light that will be so disturbing, so evil that most will simply will not believe it. It is happening all around the world involving the most powerful people on earth. Censorship cannot stop it.

From a humanity standpoint, society as we know it may end, releasing the old and bringing in the new. There will be growing pains as we continue the great awakening.

Do not fear,  trust yourself,  listen to those involuntary telepathic or thought broadcastings from Infinite Intelligence that is now encompassing our planet. It is time for us to realize “We Are One” and together we can raise the consciousness of our planet to the higher vibration of love and wisdom. Where we go one, we go all.



3 thoughts on “Dr Richard Bartlett talks about COVID19 Treatment”

  1. Question: I noticed that you didn’t quantify the number of people that have been cured by your treatment. That would really be good information to have as 100% cure rate is great, but how many would add to the value of that number.



    1. Dr. Bartlett is to be recognized as a resolute physician. He is doing what his oath requires, passing on information that might ease or possibly save patients from a new disease that has no “studies” on cure for MD’s reference. Other doctors reading this will use and refine their own technique for treatment and we will all benefit. I do not think this disease or its effects can last as ‘unsolvable problems’ for American society. We are too much like Dr. Bartlett. We solve problems, we don’t serve them. Thank you for your efforts Sir! Millions may one day owe you the same thanks.

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