Proof of Heaven; David Icke on This Reality; Leuren Moret on Ancient Ruling Bloodline

In the fall of 2008, Alexander, a doctor at Lynchburg General Hospital in Virginia, contracted a very rare bacterial meningitis and spent seven days in a coma. During this state, Alexander’s experiences gave him reason to believe in consciousness after death. Alexander relates the details of his experience from the point of view of a neurosurgeon and discusses how this has affected his views on life, philosophy and medicine

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We are privileged to be living in our world today. Never before has humanity been faced with so much worldwide information and misinformation. All provided so we may find the truth.

We have always heard the truth will set us free. We now have the privilege of learning what that truth is. It not about what they have been telling us since birth through various institutions like education, religion, government and a host of others, but what is being revealed before our very eyes. We have been taught that we must consult and be treated by a doctor to heal, to take their medications, or follow a certain religious practice to be saved and the list goes on. For the for the first time, humanity is being shown the truth for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

We are Devine beings here for purpose which varies from person to person. We are all masters of our own destiny through our intention’s, thoughts, emotions and actions, positive and negative energy. The higher vibration the more we can accomplish including healing ourselves. The world is providing chaos and distortions so we may grow spirituality to learn who we truly are.

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  1. “The Talmud and Kabbalah are magic cult instruction books!” This comment is so stupid it doesn’t deserve the epithet stupid!” This woman has absolutely no clue about her subject matter and convinces me she has scrambled eggs or brains! I study Talmud daily and Kabbalistic concepts weekly as an imperative of practicing Torah Judaism and I am convinced that learning such concepts is probably the most humanizing activity in existence. As proof, I would challenge Leuren to visit the people (especially the children) on my street in the daily course of their lives acting out their Satanic phantasies!

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