The Plan To Control The Whole World

By David Sorensen

The Plan To Control The Whole World

Thousands of scientists are warning mankind
for a great danger that threatens us.

What are they saying? 

Medical professionals around the world
are making shocking confessions

What are they guilty of? 

Insiders of Media, Google and Facebook are revealing
disturbing secrets about their hidden agendas.

What are they exposing? 

The president of Brazil is arming his people,
so they can protect themselves….

Against what? 

Global leaders are warning the world
for the greatest crime in history.

What is it?


The information below can be checked in detail in the dozens of numbered sources at the bottom of the page. Do your own research, ask questions, be honest and courageous and find the truth for yourself.

‘Only the people who have all the vaccines will still be able to move freely.’


 ‘We must form an army of thousands of officials who will check everyone’s contacts.’ANDREW CUOMO ,GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK

 ‘The whole population must be tested weekly.’ DR RAJIV SHAH ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION

president jair bolsonaro

 ‘What these people want is our freedom. That’s the truth.’ JAIR BOLSONARO


 ‘Their goal is to destroy democracy. The voice of the people no longer counts.’


 ‘The true purpose behind all this is absolute dominance over all people.’


What’s going on?

At the beginning of 2020, the unthinkable happened: the entire human race was plunged into the abyss of total panic, because of a virus: COVID19. Media and governments declared that many millions would die a terrible death. This virus was said to be thirty times more deadly than seasonal flu and much more contagious.

An invisible mass murderer had been unleashed on humanity…

Extreme measures were taken and almost the entire global community became one big prison. In most nations people were no longer allowed to be outside, and any close contact with fellow human beings was strictly forbidden. Total lockdown for all humanity. The unbearable measures caused millions to commit suicide and it threw even more people into deep darkness of despair.

In the midst of this tragedy, a powerful light suddenly broke through: several doctors cured thousands of corona patients with 100% success, with no side effects. Their medicines are super cheap, safe and simple. The salvation for mankind had been found!

World famous scientist
defeats covid-19

A perfect drug against covid-19 was discovered by one of the most respected scientists in the world: the French professor Didier Raoult, also known as the ‘rock star of science’. Professor Raoult and his team treated more than four thousand covid-19 patients so far and this number is increasing rapidly as dozens are recovering every single day. This world renown scientist uses a very simple and cheap medicine: hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in combination with azithromycin (AZ). (1)

Prof Raoult has healed over 4,000 covid patients, with almost no deaths. He has virtually 100% success with this cheap and safe medicine.

Every normal person would share this wonderful treatment immediately with the whole world, to save millions of lives. A cheap, safe and simple treatment with virtually 100% success is a dream come true for every medical practitioner! The pandemic could literally end right here and right now. However… something unimaginable is happening:

Instead of embracing this proven medicine, both media, government and political health organizations across the world oppress it.

The disastrous result of this insane behavior is that tens of thousand of people worldwide die a completely unnecessary death. Millions see their beloved ones suffer needlessly, because there is an amazingly effective drug that cures covid-19 patients in a few days.

But the governments are hiding it from them…


General practitioner
heals covid-19

Prof Raoult isn’t the only medical professional who is healing large numbers of covid patients with HCQ. An unknown family doctor in a Jewish community in New York, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, read about this medicine, and decided to research it. He discovered that it works even better if you add zinc and started treating hundreds of covid-patients in his community.

In a short time he healed nine hundred people with the combination of HCQ, AZ and ZINC. (3) 

After successfully treating the first five hundred patients, Dr. Zelenko wrote an open letter to medical professionals worldwide, explaining this effective method. He wrote about his results: (4)

We’ve had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations and ZERO intubations.

Again one would expect the world would throw the greatest party in history: once again real life medical practice proves that there is indeed an amazingly effective treatment for covid-19. This medicine should have been adopted in every hospital worldwide, to prevent tens of thousands of dearly beloved people from dying a horrible death.

Instead… the same absurd response came from media, governments and health organizations: criticism, denial and rejection.

The media portrayed Dr Zelenko as a charlatan and an official indictment was even filed against him. The wonderful fact that he saved the lives of almost a thousand people, is of no importance to them…

Again, the burning question is: why are they doing this?

Dr Vladimir Zelenko cured more than nine hundred people from covid-19. There was not a single hospitalization and not a single death.

‘Corona must not heal’

Despite the tremendous efforts of media and governments to blacklist this medicine, several medical doctors around the world knew better: they started treating their own patients with it, with similar success. One of them is the family doctor Dr Rob Elens, in the Netherlands. He saw every covid-patient recover in about four days and rejoiced with them and their families. (6C)

To everybody’s amazement, the government stepped in and commanded him to stop healing these covid-patients immediately.

Dr. Rob Elens then made several informative videos, in which he explains what medicines are available that have proven to be very successful in treating covid-19. Most of these videos were quickly removed by YouTube. Dr Elens is now suing the official health organisation of his country, because they forbid healng dying people. Along with 1,700 other practitioners and medial profesionals he sent a letter to the governemt, to confront them with their unacceptable oppression of a working medicine for covid-19.

Government agencies worldwide claim that there is no treatment for covid-19. That is not only a blatant lie, but downright massmurder. Their deliberate deception is causing thousands upon thousands to die a horrible death.

In an interview that was also deleted by YouTube after one day, Dr Elens made the following indignant statement:

‘The goverments say: “There’s no treatment for covid19.” It’s a lie. I call that deception.They don’t want to cure covid-19 because everyone has to get the vaccines.’


Fraudulent HCQ tests

Because of its tremendous success worldwide, the medicine HCQ was ‘tested’ by a well-known medical organisation ‘The Lancet’ from England. Surprisingly large numbers of people died, during these medical trials. The Lancet concluded that HCQ is very dangerous and not suitable at all to treat covid-19. That result was trumpeted all over the world.

However, scientists discovered serious errors in this study, which pointed to fraud. The Lancet withdrew their study four days after publishing it and admitted it was unreliable. (6D)

Thousands of people murdered

The World Health Organization also led a major study into the reliability of HCQ. They tested over 3,500 people in 400 hospitals. An astonishing one third of all patients didn’t survive treatment with HCQ. Because of this devastating result, the medical expert Dr Meryl Nass initiated an investigation into these studies. What she discovered is disturbing. She revealed:

‘The WHO tests use excessive, dangerous HCQ doses. These tests are not testing the benefits of HCQ on Covid-19, but rather testing whether patients survive toxic, non-therapeutic doses’. (6E)

Medication should always be administered in the correct amount. Sleep medication can help a person sleep, but too high a dose is lethal. Most suicides happen by taking too high a dose of medication!

This is exactly what the WHO did: they administered irresponsible doses of HCQ to people, resulting in the death of  over a thousand patients. The Lancet also administered absurd  doses, causing many people to die.

Dr. Meryl Nass published her disturbing conclusions on these fraudulent studies: (6E)

The WHO and other organisations have carried out large clinical trials designed in such a way that hydroxychloroquine would not benefit the treatment of Covid-19.

These organizations have conspired to increase the number of deaths in these trials.

By doing this they rob billions of people of a safe and cheap medicine. 

This contributes to the prolongation of the pandemic, massive economic losses and many more deaths. 

‘WHO and other organisations have worked together to administer excessive doses of HCQ in order to increase the number of deaths.’


Doctor is censored

Not only the medicine HCQ can cure people quickly and safely from covid-19. There are other methods that are just as cheap, safe and effective. For example, the practice of the experienced physician Dr David Brownstein from the U.S. state of Michigan shows this.

This medical professional cured more than a hundred corona patients, some of whom were dying.

He uses intravenous vitamin C, nebulized hydrogen peroxide, along with oral administration of vitamins A and D. In an interview with HighWire he gives all the details, as well as the impressive result: (5)

‘We’ve treated over a hundred patients and they’re all better. No one has been hospitalised or ventilated. We had a 100% success rate with this. We treated patients who were very old and very sick and we thought they were dying. But these patients are getting better with these therapies.’

This life-saving doctor was severely rebuked by the Federal Trade Commission. Dr. Brownstein had to immediately stop reporting on his successful treatment of covid-19. His entire medical blog was removed from the internet. (6)

The burning question is becoming a raging cry: why o why are they oppressing effective cures against covid-19?

Dr. Brownstein cured more than a hundred corona patients, but was rebuked and his entire medical blog was removed.

Method that cures
covid-19 is ignored

Five critical care specialists developed a highly effective treatment protocol for serious COVID-19 cases, known as MATH+. They also have virtually 100% success with this treatment. (6B) This treatment can easily be adapted by other critical care units across the world, but it is being denied and ignored. On the homepage of this life-saving medical team, they expressed their bewilderment about this: 

‘Our MATH+ protocol saves lives. Why isn’t the world using it?’

Five critical care specialists have an almost 100% successful method of helping covid-patients. They are completely being ignored.

Medical expert heals 500 corona patients

Dr Richard Bartlett has been a leading medical professional in Texas for over 28 years. For 7 years he was in charge of a medical task force that ensured quality healthcare for all people of Texas. Since the beginning of the corona crisis, he has treated patients with a very simple, cheap and effective medicine: inhaled Budesonide. This is a well known asthma medicine, that is so safe that even two pound babies and fragile elderly can use it without any risk.

Dr Bartlett successfully treated over 500 covid-19 patients with a 100% succes rate.

He appeared on ‘America Can We Talk?’ (6C) where he explained that Budesonide has been widely used in other nations, like Taiwan. From a population of 24 million people only 7 have died from covid-19 during the entire pandemic. Singapore also uses inhaled Budesonide and from 6 million people only twelve died. Japan and Iceland have the same succes with this medicine.

Like the other successful treatments against covid-19 this safe, cheap and effective medicine is being ignored in the USA and most nations.

The Midland Memorial Hospital in Texas even issued a statement that this medicine has no antiviral activity: (6D)

‘There is no evidence to suggest inhaled steroids inactivate, kill or clear the virus.’

I called Dr Bartlett and asked him to respond to the rejection of Budesonide by the Midland Memorial Hospital. His answer was sobering:

‘Their patients are dying and mine are getting better.’

Dr Bartlett healed over 500 covid-19 patients with 100% success, using the super cheap and safe medicine Budesonide. Why is the media silent about it?

Please share this! Wake up the people…

Murder in New York

New York is the epicenter of the covid-19 pandemic. In the heart of New York is the famous Elmhurst hospital where more supposedly people are dying from this virus than anywhere else in the world.

It’s literally the epicenter within the epicenter of the pandemic.

For this reason, an experienced nurse from Florida, Erin Olszewski, decided to move there. She wanted to offer her qualities as a nurse in the heart of the covid pandemic. What she saw there, however, filled her with so much horror, that she decided to take a hidden camera with her to film what was going on.

Patients who repeatedly tested negative for covid-19, are still registered as ‘confirmed covid-19’ and treated as such. They are put on a respirator in a covid ward… which causes them to die.

In a revealing documentary by Journeyman Pictures, this nurse talks about the crimes she constantly sees happening in Elmhurst. She shows on her smartphone how a patient indeed tested negative for covid-19 twice… and yet was registered as ‘confirmed’ covid-19′. (7)

She explains that this happens all the time in Elmhurst: deception and murder resulting in high covid-19 mortality rates that are trumpeted.

‘People come in with respiratory problems due to fear, because everyone is afraid. They’re tested negative for covid, but are still put on a ventilator, causing them to die.’


Patients are murdered

A similar testimony comes from an anonymous nurse at another hospital in New York. This woman cries out in sheer despair, about the murders she constantly sees happening on her ward.

Every time she said anything about it, she was moved to a different department.

All her attempts to knock on the door of official bodies proved fruitless. In the end she made a video which she shared on the internet (8).

‘People, I’m not stupid. I know some people are dying of Covid, but people are literally being murdered here. Yeah, because if you put someone with a stable heart rate of 40 on the defibrillator, that’s murder. And if you increase the pressure too much and inflate their lungs from the inside, that’s murder.’


‘Orders from above’

On Facebook, a video was watched four million times, in which Lena Kay tells how her father had died of Alzheimer’s disease. (9) When they received the death certificate, they were surprised to see that it mentioned covid-19. She wanted to have this wrong information corrected and contacted the family doctor. His answer was shocking:

‘Orders from above by the National Health Service. Anyone who dies during this period should be registered as covid-19.’

A good friend of her family died during the same period from heart disease. He had persistent heart problems for a long time. On his death certificate covid-19 was also mentioned. His family members were furious and called their family doctor, who gave exactly the same disturbing answer:

‘Order from above, we must put covid-19 on every death certificate.’ The doctor acknowledged they’re under a lot of pressure to do this.

‘The general practitioner replied: “Orders from above by the National Health Service. Anyone who dies during this period must be registered as covid-19.”


Hospitals commit fraud

Lena Kaye is not the only one with this testimony. All over the world thousands of people testify how false Covid registrations are made in hospitals and medical centers. Patients tell how they went to the hospital, for example, for a heart attack, a traffic accident, a painful fall, or a stroke. Without performing a test, medical staff promptly registered them as covid-19 patients.

When they asked why this happened, they were invariably given the answer: ‘Orders from above’.

Someone on Facebook started sharing this kind of testimony and became a hotline for countless fake Covid registrations. Nursing staff confirms this deception. Here are some examples (10):

The grandmother of an acquaintance of mine died. She was referred to as a covid death, although covid had nothing to do with it. – Brian Parker

I personally know two people – one died of a pulmonary embolism and the other died of old age. On the death certificates was covid19. That baffled me, because it just wasn’t true! – Leah-Marie Stephens

I fill in hundreds of death certificates. He’s 100% right. The guidelines sent to us are to always mention covid-19 as the cause of death, even if it’s presumed. – Jessica Littleton

Kidney nurse here, I can vouch for this. I’ve seen it done. All deaths except fatal shootings or fatal car crashes are on the list of Covid19 deaths. – Jennifer Combs Allen

All over the world people testify about false covid registrations in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres, general practitioners, etc. The figures are artificially manufactured.

Funeral directors:
‘They fill in the stats.’

Journalists from Project Veritas phoned several undertakers. They revealed that all death certificates state that covid-19 is the cause of death, while it is not. These are some statements from undertakers (11):

‘They put covid-19 on her death certificate. Then a judge called the hospital, and there came an independent investigation. And bingo, not covid-19.’

Josephine Dimiceli, president Dimiceli & Sons Funeral Home

‘In my opinion, all they do is fill in the stats. People who didn’t have Covid-19 are added. That’s how you’re making New York’s mortality rate much higher than it should be.’


Hospitals are empty

The media continuously show images of hospitals that are overcrowded with dying covid sufferers. However, nurses from various countries testify on the aforementioned Facebook page to the opposite: their hospitals are empty! The medical staff is being sent home due to a shortage of work. (10)

I’m a nurse in the southeast… we’ve closed a number of detached ERs because things are low! This is an f*** hoax! Everything!  – Tracie Dianne.

My hospital is flexing staff because we’re empty! To get money, the hospital must have covid19 in death certificates. You’re right to fill in the numbers! – Kathleen Mann Yonker

The girls are 100% right. Some nurses enjoy the temporary hero status we have, or are worried about losing their jobs because many of them have been fired or are not getting any employment. Ur wards are empty and we know this is not a pandemic. – Heather Bensch

It’s exactly the same in Brazil. Empty hospitals, but people believe they’re full because they believe what the media says. They also write Covid as cause of death when they don’t. – Sil Luz

Fake covid-hospitals in Brazil

A member of the Brazilian government broke into a campaign hospital, set up to treat large numbers of Covid patients. He and his security team weren’t allowed to enter the hospital, but forced their way into it. They filmed everything and revealed how the hospital is a scam, with hardly anybody present. (12B) There were coffins that supposedly contained dead covid patients, but when opened they turned out to be empty.

This hospital was however touting alarming Covid numbers: 5,000 covid-patients and 200 deaths. It turned out to be 100% fraud.

In São Paulo, the Anhembi Action Hospital was also unexpectedly checked. The whole building turned out to be largely empty as well (see picture above). (12C)

Yet they also spread dramatic covid numbers.

The Brazilian president has called on his people to film the hospitals and expose this large-scale deception. In an interview he stated: (12D)

‘The people will soon see that they were tricked by these governors and by most of the media when it comes to the coronavirus.’


Big money for covid registrations

Dr. Scott Jensen, who is also a Senator of the state of Minnesota, states in an interview with Fox News that hospitals receive as much as $13,900 for every patient they register as covid-19. For every death resulting from covid-19, that amount is tripled! Testing is not necessary!

The result is absurdly incorrect covid-19 numbers, which are then shouted from the rooftops by the media and government (12).

‘Hospitals get big money for every covid-19 patient. Three times as much is paid for each death. However, testing is not necessary. The result is serious fraud and heavily exaggerated covid-19 numbers.’


CBC fakes a covid test crowd

The American news agency CBC made a program about a covid test center. However, few people appeared to report for the test, indicating a low number of infections.

CBC then instructed the medical staff to stand in line themselves and pretend they were all infected people who wanted to be tested.

Other staff members had to drive their cars around the test centre all the time to create the illusion of great crowds. Project Veritas has video recordings and testimonials from insiders, unmasking this deception. These are some of their statements, which are on film: (12E)

We knew the CBC was coming, but we had no idea we’d have to play fake patients. – Medical staff member

I think they just wanted it to look busy. – Medical staff member

The deceptive footage was then shown by the CBC to their millions of viewers in America, who were thereby imprinted with the message that there are ‘many infections’ and peolle were scrmabling to get tested. Total fraud!

Covid numbers counted twice

Health Services of England recently admitted to double counting tens of thousands of covid-19 registrations. (12F)  Yes, you read that right! In England, tens of thousands of covid-19 tests were double-counted.

Shameless lies by the media

A photo of a boy was distributed by news agencies all over the world, but with conflicting coverage. The Daily Mail claimed: ‘A Portuguese boy of 14 is Europe’s youngest patient to die of Corona.’ The same photo was distributed by the Daily Express with the text: ‘A 12 year old girl from Belgium dies of corona’. Another agency used the same photo and stated: ‘A 13 year old boy from England died of corona’.

The same happened to another picture of a boy who died in 2017 due to a dangerous ‘suicide’ game. Three years later his photo is used to claim in the mainstream media that he was the youngest victim of covid19 in England.

Pure lies are spread to millions of people. Shameless deception on a global scale

A girl cried on the internet with a broken heart that her father had died of health problems he had had for a long time. To her astonishment she saw shortly afterwards how in the media it was proclaimed that her father died of covid-19. She is furious at the lies of both media and government.

My papa never died of this virus! And the media and the lying ass government is fraud! He had health issues way before this even happened. They did NOT confirm with our family that he had this shit! And the media won’t clout off his name. This is going tooooo far!


These examples are just the thin layer of ice at the very top of a huge hidden iceberg. Unimaginably more is going on. 
The media are spreading lies all over the world, to convince mankind that covid-19 is supposedly extremely lethal. At the same time they suppress 100% effective and safe medication against covid-19. 

What’s going on?

‘There’s no killer virus’

The respected German coroner Prof. Dr. Klaus Püschel has examined more than 140 coronadalities in Hamburg in recent weeks. On German TV he said that the hysteria around the coronavirus has been gravely exaggerated. All the people who died had underlying disorders and would have died quickly anyway, with or without the virus, according to Püschel, adding that there is no ‘killer virus’. The professor of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf stated (13):

“This may sound harsh, but they would all have died this year.”

Eighty percent of patients suffered from cardiovascular disease and the average age was 80 years. Healthy people don’t have to worry, says Püschel. The coroner also predicted that corona will not even cause a peak in the annual mortality rate.

‘It’s not a killer virus that many will die of. This virus is also not necessarily a death sentence for the elderly and sick. Most will survive the disease.’


Furious about lies

The Italian politician Vittorio Sgarbi is furious about the far-reaching covid-19 deceptions. He exclaimed in the Italian Chamber of Deputies:

‘It is necessary to be united against dictatorships and to be united in the truth. Let’s not make this the chamber of lies. Don’t lie! Tell the truth.’

‘Don’t say there’s 25,000 dead. It’s not true. Don’t use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism. Figures from the Higher Institute of Health say 96.3% died of other diseases.’ (14)

‘Don’t lie! Tell the truth! Don’t say there’s 25,000 dead. It’s not true. Don’t use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism.’


97% were never tested

A prominent newspaper in Belgium, De Tijd, discussed how the media announced that some three thousand elderly people had died of covid-19. Partly because of these figures, the entire country was placed in an extreme lockdown, with horrifying destruction as a result.

However, further research showed that only 3% of the deceased had been tested. This means that not 3,000 but only a mere 90 elderly were confirmed covid-19. (15)

Of these 90 it is not even know whether they died OF covid-19 or simply passed away WITH covid-19. Worldwide thousands died of other health conditions, while they were positive for covid-19. They however didn’t die because of covid-19. It is shocking that media, governments and health organisations seem to deliberately ignore this important nuance.

Again: why are they doing this?

Tanzania exposes deception

President John Magufuli of Tanzania questioned the covid-19 numbers of his country. There were more than 400 cases and 16 deaths.

He accused the National Medical Laboratory of lying.

To substantiate his suspicions, he sent two samples that supposedly belonged to people to have them tested. The samples, however, came from a papaya fruit and a goat. As he suspected, they came back… with positive results: ‘These people are infected with covid-19.’ This is how he unmasked the deception (16). The director of the National Medical Lab was promptly dismissed.

Doctors are censored

Two doctors in California, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, examined no less than six thousand (!) people during the onset of the corona crisis. They came to conclusions that differ greatly from what the media is spitting out. Because they were concerned about the great level of misinformation, these doctors held a press conference (17).

They revealed that there is a hype in the media and that the figures that are trumpeted do not match the results of their own extensive research.

This video was quickly viewed millions of times because their information is so liberating… but was promptly removed by YouTube. What’s more, the Internet was flooded with videos and articles to ridicule their statements.

When several users reloaded the video, it was deleted again and again by YouTube.

YouTube censors leading scientists

They are not the only health professionals who got silenced on the internet. The renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski is also former head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at The Rockefeller University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

This famous scientist made a video in which he revealed that scientific data shows that lockdowns had no effect on the spread of covid-19.

He points to several nations that had no lockdown, but they had a similar or even lower spread of the virus compared to nations with extreme lockdowns. His video went viral, but YouTube deleted it as quickly as they could.

Renown epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski revealed that lockdowns don’t stop the spread of covid-19. His video was censored by YouTube.

Again, these are just a few of the countless examples. Thousands of video’s from scientists have been censored, both by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. Not only that, but accounts of health organizations who teach people to build their immunity and become strong individuals have massively been removed from the internet.

For example: a global leader in science based information on healthy living, The Truth About Cancer, had millions of followers on Twitter. Their three largest Twitter accounts were deleted, without any explanation. Their website was burried by Google and is now hard to find. Similar health organisations all over the world faced the same fate.

Why are Facebook, Twitter and Google aggressively censoring scientists, medical doctors and health experts?

1500 doctors and experts:
‘This is a global crime!’

In Germany, the association “Doctors for Information” is supported by more than 1500 doctors, scientists and highly trained professionals. During a press conference their spokesman Dr Heiko Schoning said (18):

We Doctors for Information criticize the measures concerning COVID19 as exaggerated. The measures we all experience have nothing to do with suppressing the virus. So… who are actually being suppressed here? 

We don’t have the plague and this year’s ‘coronavirus’ SARS-CoV-2 falls into the same group as the seasonal flu viruses we have every year. That’s just good news. The bad news is that we all live in fear and panic.

The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A scam. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.

As evidence there are extensive witness interviews, for example with Professor Bhakdi, Doctor Wodang and many others. I can only invite you all to download these evidence videos, before the internet removes them as well. We also publish demonstrable evidence on the website as well as in the article published in the largest newspaper in Germany, with a circulation of 300,000 copies’.

‘The corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. Swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’


120 Experts reject panic

As many as 120 scientists, doctors, lawyers and other experts are vehemently critical of the misinformation presented to the public by the media and the government. These are a few quotes from these leading experts (20).

‘The overall clinical results of COVID-19 are comparable to severe seasonal flu, with a mortality rate of about 0.1%, or pandemic flu.

Professor Dr. Giulio Tarro, virologist, Italy

‘Data from South Korea show that 99% of active cases in the general population are mild and do not require specific medical treatment. Deaths occur mainly in the elderly, in people with serious chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.’

Dr. David Katz, Yale University, USA, founding director of Yale University Prevention Research Center

‘In Germany about 2,500 people die every day, and only 12 people have died in the last 3 weeks because of covid19. I lean out of the window and say: we may not have more deaths in 2020 than in any other year.’

Prof Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor of Virology and Director of the Institute for Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn

‘Draconian measures that restrict people’s fundamental rights in such a comprehensive way can only be imposed if there is reliable evidence that a new virus is extremely dangerous. Has there ever been such a scientifically based indication for COVID-19? In my opinion, the simple answer is “no”.’

Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology, former head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz.

‘In my first video about COVID-19 I suggested that the mortality rate should be around 0.7%. The opposite was proved to me today. In fact, the death rate is one-tenth of that. Here’s the plain truth: COVID-19 isn’t much worse than bad flu.’

Professor Sam Vaknin, Israël

‘Here’s the plain truth:
COVID-19 isn’t much worse than bad flu.’


Universities prove
low mortality rate

Extensive scientific research by various universities shows that the mortality rate of covid-19 is almost the same as that of seasonal flu. Scientists from Stanford University in California, for example, show that the mortality rate is between 0.02 and 0.4%. (20B) To put these figures in context: seasonal flu has a mortality rate of 0.1%. This study was strongly criticised and the principal investigator responded:

‘There’s a kind of mass hysteria at work here that just insists that this must be the end of the world, and it must be that the sky falls on our heads. It’s based on speculation and science fiction and an outright attack on studies with data. But rejecting real data in favor of speculation is mind-boggling.’

Dr. John Ioannidis, Stanford University

The famous Oxford University also came to the following conclusion: (20C)

‘Taking into account historical experience, trends in data, the increased number of infections in the largest population group and the potential impact of misclassification of deaths, an assumed estimate for the COVID-19 IFR is somewhere between 0.1% and 0.41%.’

What are the chances
of contamination?

A 22-year-old Chinese woman was admitted to hospital with heart problems. After three days she recovered well, but then it was discovered that she was positive for covid-19. However, the past few days she had come into contact with hundreds of different people, including family, fellow patients and hospital staff: 455 people in total! There was concern that several of these people had become infected. Therefore, an extensive investigation was started. (20D)What turned out to be the case?

Of the 455 people with whom she had interaction in the past five days, NOBODY had been infected.

This extensive research proves that someone who has the covid-19 virus without symptoms cannot transmit the virus. Based on this information, a WHO spokeswoman stated: (20E)

‘The data shows us that it’s extremely rare for someone who has no symptoms to transmit the virus to someone else.’


Infection in shops and restaurants

Professor Hendrik Streeck of the University of Bonn is the leading virologist of Germany. He led a study in the most affected area in Heinsberg, Germany. The results of his study are:

‘There’s no risk of getting the disease if you go shopping. Serious outbreaks of the infection were always the result of people being very close over long periods of time.’

Professor Hendrick Streek, University of Bonn

It also turned out that it was not possible to transmit the virus via handles, telephones or toilets. This professor concludes: (20F)

‘Decisions for action were taken on the basis of assumptions and not on the basis of scientific facts.’


Contamination in the open air?

The Ministry of Public Health of British Columbia stated that there is absolutely no chance of being infected with covid-19 if you are outdoors. The study showed that 80% of all infections happened inside of houses. The rest take place in trains and buses. (20G)

‘There is absolutely no evidence that this virus is present in the air and even if it was, our measures would not have worked. The overwhelming majority of covid-19 transmission occurs through close and prolonged personal contact.’

Dr. Reka Gustafson, Provincial Health Officer British Columbia

How protective are face masks?

The WHO recently reported that face masks are only needed for healthy people working with someone infected by covid-19. Others do not have to wear it at all. (20H)

‘If you don’t have breathing problems like coughing, running nose or fever, you don’t have to wear a mask.’







In the past, a study was conducted to investigate whether oral masks are useful for dentists. The result of the study was surprising: (20I)

‘These and other studies show that viruses or other submicron particles are not filtered by mouth masks.’

Dr John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC

The renowned Canadian scientist D.G. Rancourt came to the same conclusion: (20J)

‘Masks and respirators don’t work. There are extensive randomized controlled trials (RCT), and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, all of which show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like diseases, or respiratory illnesses.’

D.G. Rancourt

Facemasks increase
risk of infection

A very extensive study carried out by nine scientists shows that the prolonged use of mouth masks significantly increases the risk of infection! (20K)

‘This study is the first RCT of mouth masks, and the results warn against the use of mouth masks. 

Moisture retention, re-use of mouth masks and poor filtration can lead to an increased risk of infection.’

BMJ Medical Report

Infection only after
prolonged close contact

The authoritative New England Medical Journal investigated the circumstances necessary for contamination. The conclusion of five scientists is that mouth masks are of no use at all. Infection only occurs after someone has been standing very close to an infected person with symptoms for minutes. (20L)

‘We know that wearing a mask outside the healthcare sector offers little or no protection against infections.

Public health authorities define a significant exposure to covid-19 as face-to-face contact within one and a half meters with a patient who has covid-19 symptoms. That contact must be maintained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes).’

‘The chance of getting covid-19 through a transient interaction in a public space is minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive response to fear of the pandemic’.


Should we keep our distance?

The idea that we should keep a distance of at least one and a half meters (or even two meters in England) is, according to experts, based on a completely unsubstantiated document from 1930. One of the UK’s leading physicians advised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: (20M)

‘I think it will be much more difficult to enforce some of the measures, which really have no evidence base. I mean, the two-meter rule is conjured up out of nowhere.’

Professor Robert Dingwall


Mouth masks do not help and even increase the risk of infection. The rule of keeping a good distance has no scientific basis. There is no risk of infection outdoors. In shops or restaurants there is no chance of getting infected either. The only way to transmit covid-19 is to stand close to someone who has a cough and a fever. And the mortality rate of covid-19 is about the same as that of seasonal flu.

These are the well-founded explanations, based on extensive scientific research, by some of the most renowned scientists on earth. A greater contrast with the madness spread by the media and governments is inconceivable.

Violence against innocent civilians

But it’s too late… Not only was the world’s population incarcerated, but a far-reaching tyranny was applied. All over the world innocent people are beaten by police, who use long sticks, rifles, tear gas and whips to attack the population. People who quickly go to buy some food, bring medicine to a sick mother, or play innocent sports in the open air, pay a high price. Many are severely beaten, arrested and locked up.

The photo below shows five policemen who abuse a lonely walker for a long time with sticks and whips.

If you search for the words ‘beaten by police for breaking lockdown’ on Facebook, you’ll see a long laundry list of heartbreaking videos, one worse than the other (21). The video below shows various violent situations in which policemen attack innocent civilians with rifles, tear gas and sticks.

They’re all people who haven’t done anything wrong, and just want a little fresh air. They’re treated like the worst criminals.

A young man even died from his injuries after being beaten by officers. He was hungry and had only bought a packet of biscuits in a shop. He paid for it with his life (22). 

In South Africa, at least eight people were brutally killed! As many as died from the virus itself. Only they weren’t sick old people, but healthy fathers and mothers in the prime of their lives. Murdered in cold blood by police, because of the lockdown (see video below).

In this video you can also see how police enter the private domain of the Mbele family. The father is severely beaten with a whip. As you can see on the picture below, his body is full of bruises, swelling and bruises. The man even fears broken ribs. What was the crime of this family?

They stood outside in their own garden, which is shielded from the outside world by a high wall and a large fence.

All over the world, an abominable tyranny is being exerted on innocent people… based on lying figures that are deliberately spread. In the meantime, a cheap and 100% successful drug is being oppressed.

Brazilian president
is arming his people

At a closed meeting with his government, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro did not remain perplexed by the violent tyranny also practised in his country. Although his use of language is not particularly tidy, he speaks straight from the heart with unadulterated compassion for the good of his people. These are some of his statements (24):

‘Mayors who have absolutely no right to do this, handcuff innocent people! House mothers who go shopping are arrested. At the same time, rapists are released from prisons, allegedly to prevent the spread of corona.’ 

‘Why am I arming people? Because I don’t want dictatorship! And we can’t hold it anymore. What these guys want is our freedom. That’s the truth. I want everyone armed. Because an armed people will never be enslaved.’

‘Everyone, please worry about the one thing that’s more important than your life: your freedom. For a man in shackles is not worth a dime.’ 

president jair bolsonaro

‘Why am I arming people? Because I don’t want dictatorship! I want everyone armed. Because an armed people will never be enslaved.’


1741 medical professionals speak up

More than 650 medical doctors and 1050 medical professionals in the Netherlands have signed an urgent letter to the Dutch government. (25) Here are some excerpts:

The current global measures taken to combat SARS-CoV-2 violate human rights to a large extent.

Damage in the psychosocial domain, economic damage and damage to non-covid health care and total health care costs, is unparalleled.

There is as yet little or no evidence of the usefulness of social distance at a distance of 1 to 2 meters. In the open air, people get hardly infected…

On the other hand, social distancing has a clear negative effect on public health.

‘The current shaming, blaming and censorship of doctors who oppose government policy – which is to reject alternatives to a vaccine route or ask critical questions about the course of events – is extremely concerning.’


600 doctors: ‘Lockdown is a serious accident with massive casualties’

The devastation caused by the lockdown is many times greater than anyone can imagine. More than six hundred American doctors wrote a joint letter to President Trump. In it they denounce the irresponsible measures that have been taken and call the lockdown a ‘serious accident with massive casualties’. They point out that there are increasingly negative consequences for public health (25B).

‘The health effects are greatly underestimated and underreported. This is a mistake of enormous magnitude’, says the letter from Simone Gold, M.D., a specialist in emergency care in Los Angeles.

 ‘The number of suicide calls has increased by 600%.’

‘Ending the lockdown is not about Wall Street or ignoring people’s lives; it’s about saving lives.’

‘We cannot allow this disease to turn the U.S. from a free, energetic society into a society of broken souls dependent on government spending.’

‘This is a huge mistake. The damage caused by the measures is much greater than covid19 itself. The number of suicide calls has increased by 600%. The lives of millions of people are at risk because of the lockdown.’


The letter also mentions that millions of sick people no longer dare to seek medical help. The deception of the media has made them terrified of hospitals, with the result that hundreds of thousands of people have died at home from heart attacks, strokes, and other acute health crises. Millions of patients have cancelled standing appointments. Even people with broken bones do not dare contact the hospital.

The psychotic anxiety caused by the media is the cause of countless dramas worldwide.

Media is bribed

The question that forces itself on us is: why do so many media lend themselves to deliberately spreading false figures, deceptive photos and false messages? Why do governments wreak such terrible havoc, supposedly to protect their people?

The suffering caused by the lockdown is worse than what a hundred corona crises combined could cause.

What drives media and governments to commit such a heinous crime on a global scale? The shocking answer is given by the well-known German journalist Udo Ulfkotte. He wrote the controversial book ‘Bought Journalists’ in which he honestly confesses how he and his colleagues were bribed for decades by American billionaires, the CIA, the German secret service and various shadow governments to write nothing but lies. In the video below he makes the following confession:

‘I’ve been a journalist for 25 years. I was taught to lie, to betray and to never tell the truth to the public’. … ‘I was bribed by American billionaires to report… not exactly the truth.’ (26)

Journalist Udo Ulfkotte

Ulfkotte confesses that he and his fellow journalists were paid, for example, to cause a war with Russia, through mass manipulation in the media.

Let me get that through to you… There are those in power who bribe journalists to start even a war. A war with Russia! That could mean an nuclear catastrophy, with disastrous consequences for all mankind. Mass murder, terrible suffering, total annihilation of millions of precious lives…. All because the secret organizations want it, and American billionaires are pushing the media with big money. That is literally what this journalist openly acknowledged.

‘I’ve been a journalist for 25 years. I was taught to lie, to betray and never to tell the truth to the public. I was bribed by American billionaires to report… not exactly the truth.’


‘A media epidemic!’

That we are dealing with massive brainwashing by the media is confirmed by the world’s leading virologist and flu specialist, Professor John Oxford of Queen Mary University in London.

‘Personally, I would say that the best advice is to watch less news on television that is sensational and not good. I consider this covid outbreak to be a serious winter flu epidemic. Last year we had eight thousand deaths (in the UK) in this category, of which 65% had heart disease and so on. I believe covid will not exceed that number. We’re suffering from a media epidemic!’ (27A)

‘We’re suffering from a media epidemic.’


Hysteria is contagious

The message that was spread all over the world is: ‘Many millions will die of covid-19. It’s thirty times as deadly as the common flu! However, by testing for antibodies it was later discovered that up to 27% of the population had already had the virus and conquered it. This shows that the death toll of covid-19 is comparable to the common flu: less than 0.4% (27B). Or, as the virologist Professor Dr. Giulio Farro said:

The overall clinical results of COVID-19 may ultimately be comparable to severe seasonal flu, with a mortality rate of about 0.1%, or pandemic flu.

But neither the government nor the major media pay attention to this. The panic has been successfully caused, the people are terrified and have surrendered fundamental rights and freedoms. Mankind is now ready to accept everything from the government, as long as they can feel ‘safe’ again. A former judge at the British Supreme Court says about this(28):

‘Usually people voluntarily give up their freedom if they want to protect themselves against an external threat. And the threat is usually a real one, but it is usually exaggerated. I’m afraid we’re seeing that now. Anyone who has studied history will recognize here the classic symptoms of collective hysteria. Hysteria is contagious.’



Why this global deception? Why is a 100% effective and cheap medicine for covid-19 being criminally suppressed? Why do doctors who cure covid-19 patients have to stop? Why are covid-19 figures being falsified en masse all over the world? Why do the media deceive mankind? The answer is crystal clear: their plan is to impose a vaccine on the world’s population. 

Bill Gates:
the world’s #1 vaccine dealer

The question is, who is the driving force behind this criminally imposed vaccine? The answer is: the man who sells the vaccine and will earn many billions from it, the well-known vaccine dealer Bill Gates. This man became one of the richest people in the world, through his company Microsoft.

After his computer career, he entered the billion-dollar vaccinations business. This doubled his assets from fifty to more than a hundred billion dollars. Gates stated that investing in the vaccine industry is the best business investment he has ever made (29). Just before the outbreak of covid19 he even wrote on Twitter:

‘I’m particularly excited about what the coming year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.’

Bill Gates controls the W.H.O.

In addition to being the world’s nr1 vaccine dealer, Bill Gates is also the World Health Organization’s largest financial sponsor (30). They have to do what he says, otherwise it’s over with the flow of millions. So what does the WHO do?


First they publish a fraudulent study that criminally disqualifies the cheap, safe and 100% effective medicine HCQ. In doing so, they kill over a thousand people by administering an insanely high dose to them. They then declare worldwide that the only answer to covid-19 is a vaccine. Exactly what their sponsor, the world’s largest vaccine dealer, told them to do.

By the way, the World Health Organization hesitated to declare covid-19 a global pandemic. Only after Bill Gates made an extra ‘donation’ did they admit: they caused panic all over the world, with figures that were totally incorrect (31).

Total World Control

However, there is something sinister about the plan to vaccinate the whole of humanity. Bill Gates insists that this vaccine must be linked to a global monitoring system. A digital system must be developed to check who has and has not had the vaccine (32).

Only people who have been vaccinated against covid-19 will still be allowed to travel, go to school, attend meetings and work.

In other words, this vaccine dealer literally wants to blackmail all of humanity into accepting his vaccine. Gates already has a patent on the technology that makes it possible to trace an individual’s body anytime, anywhere. This technology is called WO2020-060606 (33). Recently, a program to produce vaccines was linked to a digital ID (34).

In addition, Gates wants to set up a global monitoring network, which will trace everyone who came into contact with covid-19 (34B). Gates’ desire to gain total control over the world has already been expressed before. In 2018 he invested heavily in a project to launch dozens of satellites, which will film the entire earth day and night. That plan has not yet been worked out, but the money and the plans are there (35).

At least 700,000 people will suffer

Gates recently made some shocking statements in an interview with the CNBC. For example, he stated that flu vaccines do not work with older people. That’s why the covid-19 vaccine will have to be ‘boosted’ to be extra potent, so that it will also have an effect on the very elderly. As a result, the harmful effects of the vaccine will increase significantly (36).

‘At least 700,000 people will suffer from the side effects. That’s why governments will have to be involved to pay compensation’.


Global dramas through Bill Gates’ vaccines

By the way, Bill Gates has a lot of experience with serious damage and even death caused by his vaccines. Robert F Kennedy, a relative of the late John F Kennedy, produced a document in which he gives an overview of the devastation caused by Bill Gates’ vaccines. Below are some facts from this shocking report. (37)

While polio (poliomyelitis) was decreasing worldwide, Gates began massively treating children in India with a vaccine. Consequence?

Suddenly almost half a million cases of severe poliomyelitis were added! The World Health Organization recognized that Gates’ vaccine program was guilty of this.

In Congo, the Philippines and Afghanistan similar epidemics were caused by Bill Gates’ vaccines.

In 2014, an experimental vaccine was tested on 23,000 girls in India. One thousand suffered serious damage, including autoimmune diseases and infertility. Seven girls died.

In 2010, Gates funded an experimental malaria vaccine in Africa, causing the death of 151 children. Of the 5,049 children tested, 1,048 suffered serious side effects such as paralysis, epileptic seizures and convulsions.

In South Africa thousands of children were vaccinated against their will. Hundreds were paralysed! South African newspapers wrote:

‘We’re guinea pigs for drug manufacturers.’

In 2014, Gates claimed to have a safe vaccine against tetanus. In reality, it was a poison that made women infertile..

Millions of women lost any chance of having children. Similar accusations come from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

WHO recognises vaccine-damage

A secret meeting of vaccine specialists of the World Health Organization shows how dangerous vaccines are. They met to express their concern about the deaths caused by vaccination and its long-term harmful effects. (38)

‘We cannot overemphasize the fact that we really
don’t have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries, … we’re not able to give clear cut answers when people ask questions about
the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine.’


‘The major health concerns which we are seeing is accusations of long-term, long-term effects.’


‘Adjuvants … multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen,
but may not have been detected through lack of statistical power in the original studies.’


‘Our healthcare professionals are beginning to question the safety of vaccines.’




Dangerous vaccine vs. safe medicine

The extreme corruption of the World Health Organization was already apparent from the fact that they murdered more than a thousand people to sabotage a safe drug against covid-19.

They basically kill millions of people who could be cured with HCQ.

Moreover, the seriousness of WHO crime is reflected in their highly targeted propaganda to vaccinate the entire world population against their will. With a vaccine produced by their financier, which he himself says will be very dangerous.

A more serious example of medical corruption and outright mass murder is hardly conceivable.

Reduce the world’s population

That there will be many deaths worldwide due to the hastily developed and dangerously boosted vaccine is not a problem for Gates. It might even be desirable, if we understand what he has explained in the past. He wants to use vaccines to reduce the world population by 15%. These are Bill Gates’ own words… (39):

‘There are now 6.7 billion people on earth and soon there will be 9 billion. However, we can reduce that number by ten to fifteen per cent if we do a good job with vaccinations, health care and birth control’.


Crimes against humanity

The millions of lives severely damaged by his vaccines, coupled with his plan to reduce mankind by 15%, have prompted half a million people to take steps.

A petition has been submitted to the White House with 570,000 signatures, demanding that Bill Gates be investigated for ‘crimes against humanity’ (40).

Children die after vaccination

How lethal vaccinations can be is shown by the many children who die as a result of them. There is the story of little Nicholas Catone, a healthy and happy boy who died a terrible death after receiving his vaccinations

The parents shared their tragic loss on the internet, followed by a storm of reactions from parents who had also lost their child after vaccination. (40B)

Some reactions from parents:

‘My son has permanent brain damage from vaccines. He’s 19 now and it’s awful to know who he could have been… His voice and mental ability have been stolen by vaccines. I’m so sorry that your family has also fallen victim to the pharmaceutical industry.’ – Brandy Lewis

‘Thank you for standing up and fighting against the vaccine giants who don’t care about the health and well-being of our most dear ones. I also have a child who had a severe negative reaction to the Hpv vaccine’. – Brenda Fuchs

‘I lost my son the same way when he was 15 months old.‘ – Jonathan Graf

‘My child was damaged by vaccines and there’s an army of us behind you and we’re praying for you.’ – Amber Landry

‘My first child died at two months when she got her vaccines. That was ten years ago, but the pain is still the same.’ – Anais Bazan

‘My child also suffered from the vaccinations and has autism.’– Rick Moralez

‘I’m so sorry for the loss of your little boy. It’s not “natural,” and it’s not 1 in a million. It’s all around us, as you can see now.’ – Kendra Pettengill


Nobody knows the total number of deaths from vaccines worldwide, because these figures are pushed aside by the vaccine dealers and the organizations they finance. Furthermore most vaccine damage manifests after several weeks or even months. Therefor parents have no clue that the sudden destruction in their children’s health is rooted in the vaccination.

Facebook censors vaccin information

Facebook is known to hide information about vaccine damage from its billions of users. During an official interrogation by the U.S. government, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was questioned about this.

The congressman began the interrogation by stating that the U.S. government has paid out more than four billion dollars in damages to thousands of people who were severely damaged by vaccines.

Furthermore, the congressman pointed out that medical research has established the numerous cases of damage caused by vaccination. That’s why he asked Mark Zuckerberg why Facebook keeps people away from information that wants to warn them of these dangers. Zuckerberg replied that they do, because everyone should get all vaccinations (42). Zuckerberg remained visibly unmoved by the far-reaching devastation that vaccinations cause to many people.

‘Facebook censors information about the dangers of vaccines, because we want everyone to be vaccinated.’


CDC destroys evidence

A few years ago, research was done into a possible link between vaccines and autism. The research was carried out by the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The results were astonishing: there indeed appeared to be a direct connection. However, what happened? All the researchers came together and a large dustbin was placed in the middle of the room.

In it they threw all the documents that showed the link between autism and vaccinations. Thus, the evidence was destroyed.

Subsequently, a so-called ‘scientific’ article was published in the authoritative medical magazine Pediatric, stating that vaccinations do not cause autism. However, a leading scientist within the CDC repented and exposed this crime (44).

‘I was involved in misleading millions of people about the possible negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings.’


‘Vaccines cause many autoimmune diseases, from Guillain-Barre syndrome to severe forms of narcolepsy. People need to be informed about the dangers of vaccination. Every person should also have the freedom to refuse.’ (45)


‘Many vaccines are infected with gamma-retroviruses, because they use viruses grown in infected animal cell lines. This leads to diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, cancer, leukaemias and lymphomas.’


‘The vaccination process, by its very nature, entails significant risks of illness, injury and death, which are persistently denied and covered up by the manufacturers, the CDC and the doctors who speak out in favour.’ (47)


Vaccines contain material from animals and … aborted babies

One of the reasons that vaccines can be fatal or cause serious disabilities is the fact that they contain material from… monkeys, pigs and calves. In addition, tissue from aborted babies is used. During an official interrogation, the godfather of vaccinations, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, was questioned.

When asked whether material from monkeys, pigs, calves and murdered babies was indeed being used, he stated that this was indeed the case. (48)

VAXXED: testimonies
of vaccination damage

A famous documentary that highlights the reality of vaccination damage is called VAXXED. The stories in this documentary are heart wrenching. It was heavily censored, but still contributed to informing millions of people. (48B)

Ignorance of government leaders

The tragedy is that most government leaders know nothing about vaccination damage. An interview with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, for example, illustrates this. A journalist asked him what he thinks about the dangers of vaccines. The answer of this prime minister is astonishing: (49)

‘I don’t know anything about that. I’ve never thought about the dangers of vaccinations.’


Government lies to population

On the website of the Dutch National Institute for Health (RIVM) we see a textbook example of criminal deception. It is prominently stated that there are no known adverse effects of vaccines. That this is a scandalous lie can be seen from extensive documents elsewhere on their website where each year an overview is given of the number of deaths and permanent damage caused by vaccinations. (50)

National health employee resigns

Nelleke Bakker worked for 25 years at the government department for health, in the vaccination department. She discovered more and more how much lies and deception there is. Eventually, she quit. In an interview with a Dutch organization that informs people about vaccines, she says: (51)

‘Unfortunately, the RIVM website is full of unsubstantiated assumptions and outright lies. And the vast majority of employees appear to know as little about the risks of vaccination as the average citizen.’


Bribed by billionaires

Why does a national health organization lie to the people it is supposed to protect? The answer is as terrible as it is vulgar: because they are funded by the super-rich vaccine dealers. Below you can see a screenshot of a webpage of this National Institute of Public Health. They openly acknowledge that Bill Gates is their financial sponsor. (52)

That this does not only happen in the Netherlands, is shown by the testimony of the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, as we saw earlier in this article. He revealed:

Media and governments are bribed by ‘American billionaires’ and shadow groups to lie to the people.

The Italian politician Sara Cunial vigorously raised this issue in the Italian Government. Without fear, this courageous lady accused the heads of government of Italy of bribery by Bill Gates. She said to the Italian president: (52B)

‘Dear President Conte, tell us how to define you: The lawyer’s friend who takes orders from a criminal.’

‘Next time you get a call from the philanthropist Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.’

The fact that many politicians are bribed to play dirty games was confirmed by the well-known British politician Nigel Farage. In a frank interview with the Dutch reporter Robert Jensen, Farage stated:

‘For years, they’ve been trying to bribe me with luxury and wealth. As a successful businessman, however, I was already living like this, so it didn’t work for me. The other politicians within the EU do fall for it. They get an astronomical amount of money and don’t want to miss this luxury anymore. That’s why they play the game.’


‘Everyone’s contacts must be checked’

As we already saw, there is a double motivation behind the plan to force all humanity to be vaccinated against covid-19. The first motivation, of course, is money: the vaccine dealers earn billions from it and share this wealth with everyone who plays the game.

The second motive, however, is even more dangerous: they have a diabolical desire to control the entire world population.

In a leaked video at the bottom of this page (52C) we see a conversation between former American president Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, the governor of the state of New York. They discuss how to set up an unprecedentedly large control system, to test the entire population and check all their contacts. They’re discussing how to set up an army to carry out this control system. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, explains it clearly:

Life won’t be able to return to normal until we’ve formed a whole army of thousands of officials. They will test the entire population and quarantine everyone who somehow came into contact with covid-19. People will have to accept that their privacy will be seriously violated, by questioning them where they have all been and with whom they have had contact.

‘Hundreds and hundreds of control agents must be appointed. They test everyone and then check all their contacts. This has never been done before on this scale. This is an army of interrogators who will check everyone’s contacts.’


In fact, the Rockefeller Foundation has published a comprehensive document with the strategy for tracing the entire world population. Here are some quotes from this document, as well as two illustrations that speak volumes… (55)

Digital apps and privacy-protected tracking software should be widely used to enable more complete contact tracking.

In order to fully control the Covid-19 epidemic, we need to test the majority of the population on a weekly basis.

This illustration outlines the plan: constantly scanning the whole of America (and eventually the world) and identifying, isolating, interrogating and vaccinating everyone who allegedly (!) came into contact with covid19.

If these top criminals can realize their plans, the whole of humanity will get a digital ID, which indicates whether we have received all the vaccinations. Without sufficient vaccinations, access to schools, concerts, churches, public transport and so on will be denied.

‘Digital apps and tracking software must be widely accepted to enable even more complete contact control. The whole population should be tested on a weekly basis.’


Breaking into houses
and isolating people

In America, a bill was proposed to spend $100 billion a year on a system that will give the government carte blanche to infiltrate – by force if necessary – all houses. The plan is to test people against their will and remove anyone who tests positive for covid-19 from the family and place them in quarantine. This bill is called H.R.6666. (56)

‘This bill (HR.6666) authorises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to grant subsidies for testing, contact tracing, monitoring and other activities…’


Google programs mankind

Another player in the global corruption is the nr one source of information for mankind: Google. Recently a senior software engineer of Google came out with shocking revelations. After working for Google for eight years Zach Vorhies could no longer live with his conscience. He came out in the open with disgusting revelations about Google’s mission. His statement essentially boils down to this:

Google manipulates mankind by hiding certain information and imposing other information. Their mission is to ‘program’ humanity.

Zach Vorhies took the dangerous step of bringing out 950 pages of internal documents, demonstrating this strategy. (57) Google has at least nine blacklists with thousands of websites that they deliberately hide from mankind. Google sent police, a SWAT team and an explosives team to intimidate him. Zach persisted and made the information known worldwide. These are some of the statements of this brave whistleblower:

‘Google is not a source of objective information. They’re a very one-sided indoctrination machine. Google’s basic strategy is ‘programming people.’


Google manipulates voters

During an interrogation by the U.S. government, academic Dr. Robert Epstein revealed that Google manipulates millions of votes during presidential elections. Their plan is to get at least fifteen million more people to vote for President Trump’s opposing candidates. They do this through invisible tactics that leave no trace. (58)

Google censors health info

A disturbing example of the way Google misleads people is the world famous website The Truth About Vaccines. For years they have been educating millions of people about the serious dangers of unsafe vaccines. This vital website has always been ranked number one in Google. Recently, however, Google has made their website untraceable. Instead, there is now a superficial fake site that indiscriminately encourages people to get themselves vaccinated. Not a word is said about the dangers of vaccines.

However, this fake website of Google itself bears the name ‘The Truth About Vaccines’ which was stolen from the original website.

Similarly Google has deranked many of the world’s best health websites, like the site of Dr Joseph Mercola. He is without a doubt the world’s nr 1 natural health expert.

Dr Mercola’s mission is to help people become healthy and strong, independent from the farmaceutical industry.

Recent Google censored him and overnight Dr Mercola lost 99% of all his website traffic. Instead Google is now promoting ‘health’ websites that tell people to take drugs and eat unhealthy industrial food.

Google deceives mankind

Anyone can see the deception by Google with their own eyes. Look for information about Bill Gates: you’ll only find websites that write positively about him or portray him as a victim of so-called ‘conspiracy theories’.

It has become almost impossible to find truth on important topics via Google.

That there is a dark plan behind it is shown by the fact that Google announced its plans for world manipulation to its employees in a very revealing location: the headquarters of Freemasonry, in San Francisco. Anyone familiar with Freemasonry knows that this is an occult society, spread all over the world, striving for a new world order.

False ‘fact checkers’

Google and corrupt biljonairs are now flooding the internet with so-called ‘fact check’ websites. These are supposedly meant to unmask fake news, but every researcher soon notices that it is just another tool to lie to people.

All too often revealing truth is dismissed as ‘fake news’ and deception is defended as ‘fact’.

Not everything they write is wrong of course, that would be too obvious. But the many ‘fact check’ websites are essentially yet another means of Google and corrupt billionaires (who set up these websites) to hide truth from mankind.

That’s why Google puts these websites at the top of the search results.

The seriousness of this situation is that Google and the corrupt media are working closely with various Big Tech companies to censor humanity and distribute only a prescribed script.

Eyewitness censored by fact checkers

An example of the corruption of so-called ‘Fact Checkers’ could recently be seen on Facebook. I already mentioned Nelleke Bakker, who worked for 25 years at the Dutch Health Organization (RIVM) in the vaccination department. Recently someone shared her interview in which she talks about the many lies she has seen at the RIVM. A Facebook Fact Checker described that message as ‘incorrect’. While it is her own 25 years of experience!

A clear example of the corruption of ‘Fact Checkers’: an authentic eyewitness statement is dismissed as ‘incorrect’.

Facebook insider Zach McElroy recently came forward with evidence for what many already knew: Facebook employs large numbers of workers whose fulltime job it is to censor content. According to McElroy 70-80% of all content that is selected for censoring has to do with conservative values and the Republican Party. (58B)

‘We are the ones who decide what can and cannot be said on Facebook’

Zach McElroy, Facebook insider

Shadow governments control the real governments

Besides powerful billionaires who let corrupt leaders crawl at their feet with their dollars, there is another reality that needs to be addressed in this context. Bill Gates doesn’t work on his own. He is a member of the world famous and controversial Bilderberger group (60). If you don’t know the Bilderberger group: this ultra secret society was co-founded in 1954 by the Dutch Prince Bernard, together with top figures from politics, food industry, media, medical world, etc.

It is a strictly secret organization that decides – behind the scenes of politics and beyond the knowledge of the people – what really needs to happen in our countries and in the world.

No one can be a part of it, except by personal invitation. At the end of the fifties, the Dutch minister Joseph Luns tried to penetrate a meeting of the Bilderberger group and he was brutally removed. Government leaders are forbidden, except by invitation. Yet this group makes important decisions that determine the course of our society, without the people being aware of it (61).

Shadow governments are a reality and have an astonishing influence in countries all over the world.

This is why 5G is pushed through, even though hundreds of doctors and scientists warn of the serious dangers to public health (62). But this higher level of radiation is necessary to trace the entire population. That is why the government does not listen to the hundreds of experts. They have to blindly do what the shadow governments tell them to do. Otherwise heads will roll. It’s also the Bilderberger group that appointed the leaders of the European Union.

These were not elected by the people, nor can they be voted out, even though they control the EU.

For exactly that reason, thanks to Nigel Farage, England has left the European Union. They don’t want to be slaves to secret societies. Nigel Farage said in an interview: (63)

What they want is total power without any kind of responsibility. 

Nobody can hold them responsible, but they control everybody.

Democracy is being destroyed. The voice of the people no longer counts.

At the same time, the people are paying them billions every day… 

It’s a slavish dictatorship. 

‘The voice of the people no longer counts. At the same time, the people are paying them billions every day… It’s a slavish dictatorship.’


Warning of world dictatorship

Several prominent leaders within the worldwide Catholic Church have written an open letter to all mankind warning of the attempt to establish a global dictatorship, under the cover of covid-19 measures. Below you can read some excerpts from this letter which was compiled by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Cardinal Joseph Zen and Cardinal Janis Pujats. (59)

Based on official data on the spread of the epidemic and the number of deaths, we have sufficient reason to believe that there are forces interested in causing panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of imposing permanent and unacceptable restrictions on their freedom of movement.

The imposition of these illegal measures is a disturbing step towards a world government that would escape all control.

We must not allow centuries of Christian civilization to be erased under the pretext of a virus, and replaced by an abhorrent technological tyranny, in which nameless and faceless individuals can decide the fate of the world by relegating us to a virtual reality.

‘The imposition of these illegal measures is a disturbing step towards a world government that would escape all control.’


Super-rich control mankind

In the past, tyranny was always limited to a single nation. Through the centralization of capital and power in the hands of a very small group of super-rich people, it has now become possible to place the entire world control in the hands of a handful of billionaires.

With their inexhaustible resources, they are able to put entire governments, the global media, and health organizations to work.

‘Bill and Melinda Gates now have more power than Rosenfeld, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler put together. Even these four had to share power on this earth. In the meantime, there’s a couple who dictate to the whole world how everyone should live.’




Doctors who heal covid-19 patients are being persecuted and the 100% effective medicine HCQ is suppressed by fraudulent studies. Covid figures are gravely exaggerated through global fraud and the media are deceiving mankind with false stories. Health organizations, governments and media are bribed by vaccine dealers to push a vaccine on the whole of mankind. This vaccine will be linked to a global control system, causing people to lose their freedom, when they refuse it. An aggressive censorship is applied to silence all information about vaccine dangers. In order to make mankind willing to accept this dangerous vaccine, they are being locked up and horrible measures like social distancing and face masks are imposed. After humanity has been weakened by fear and imprisonment, everybody will be prepared to accept the offered ‘solution’: the vaccine along with a global control system. 

The result is total world control by the super-rich, who can trace and manipulate every vaccinated person on earth.

What can you and I do?

What can we do to stop this global crime? Share this information! In particular, the people who govern our society need to be informed. Not all of them are corrupt. Many leaders are simply ignorant. We can help open their eyes.

You find their contact info by searching the internet.


Become part of the global liberation army working to inform the governments and influencers of each country.

Copy this letter

You can simply copy the letter below, or use it as a guide to formulate your own personal message. Use ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’ followed by the surname. For example: ‘Dear Mr. Janssens’, or ‘Dear Mrs. Smith’.


Dear …,

Thousands of renown scientists, medical doctors, and global leaders are issuing a warning concerning a global crisis that threatens all our lives.

Considering your function in our society to pursue the welfare of the people, we would like to inform you about their message, which can be found on this website:

We hope that you will take this vital information at heart and proceed to ensure the well-being of the people you serve.

Yours sincerely,

Your name.

Write to the influencers

Send this letter to mayors and aldermen, members of parliament, senators and governors, ministers and presidents. Again: you can find their contact information on the internet. For example: search for ‘contact members of parliament in Australia’. Or search for: ‘how to contact the governor of Alabama’. Or another example: ‘Contact information for the mayor of Brussels’. And so on. The same goes for teachers, university directors, church leaders, scientists and doctors, hospital employees, journalists and newspaper editors. Just type their names and add ‘contact’ and you should find ways to share the truth with them.


The more effort you make to inform influential members of society, the greater the impact will be worldwide. 

Hand outs & Posters

You can also download a PDF with the website on it, which you can then print and cut out. This way you have free flyers, which you can hand out to people around you. In addition, you can download posters that you can print out and hang up wherever you like.

Sharing on Social Media

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World history shows us how terrible it is when the people suffer under the cruel hands of merciless men. Thousands gave their lives to stop slavery in the past. We may not allow this deep darkness to return stronger than ever, by allowing it to seize control of all of humanity.

We are destined for freedom, not slavery.

I however can’t do this alone. I provide this powerful website for free, so it would have a tremendous impact worldwide. But it is costing me a lot. If you appreciate Stop World Control and want to be part of the global liberation army, then please support this vital work.

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Where we go one, we go all.


Some of the quotes in this article have been translated which can cause a subtle change of the wording, while the message remains the same. In order to know the exact original words, please check all the sources below. Watch the video’s, read the scientific studies and see with your own eyes what is going on. This website is not meant to offer medical advice, but to inform about current world events. We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. We accept no responsibility for any harm that might occur due to an irresponsible reaction to this information. If you suffer from health issues, we encourage you to visit your own doctor. If you have covid-19 and want to be treated with HCQ, please share the original letter of Dr Vladimir Zelenko with your doctor so he can learn about the correct treatment protocol.


1: Professor Didier Raoult cures over a thousand covid patients

2: Media mocks Prof Didier Raoult

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6: Dr. Brownstein was censored, medical blog deleted

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8: Nurse New York reports murders in hospital

9: Facebook page with testimonials of fraud with covid figures

10: Lena Kayes testimony about false covid registrations

11: Funeral Directors reveal false covid deaths

12: Dr. Scott Jensen reveals that hospitals are heavily paid for covid registrations

12B: Fake Covid hospital Brazil

12C: Another empty Covid hospital in São Paulo

12D: President Brazil says corona is a media trick.

12E: Covid numbers double counted in England

13: Coroner declares: ‘There is no killer virus’

14: Italian politician confronts government with covid19 fraud

15: Belgian publication De Tijd: only 3% of covid deaths were tested

16: President Tanzania exposes fraud with covd figures

17: Californian doctors examine 6,000 patients and expose media deception

18:Association of German doctors declare that corona is global crime

19: 1500 German doctors speak out against the covid scam

20: 120 specialists reject media hype around covid19

20B: Stanford University reveals low mortality rate covid-19

20C: Oxford University confirms low mortality rates

20D: No spread through people without symptoms

20E: WHO says no covid19 contamination through people without symptoms

20F: No contamination in shops and restaurants

20G:British Columbia: No contamination in open air

20H: WHO: mouth masks are not required

20I: Mouth masks do not filter viruses

20J: Canadian expert: mouth masks do not work

20K: Oral masks increase risk of infection

20L: Infection only by minutes of close-up contact

20M:One and a half meters distance is nonsense

21: Dozens of videos of brutal police violence against innocent civilians

22:Young man beaten to death by police

23: Police break into family homes and assault innocent man

24: President Brazil calls on government to resist illegal dictatorship

25: Letter from 1741 medical professionals to Dutch government

25B: 600 doctors call lockdown ‘serious accident with massive casualties

26: German journalist Udo Ulfkotte confesses to bribery of the media

27A: World No. 1 virologist calls covid19 a media epidemic

27B: Mortality rate is only 0.4% for covid patients with symptoms

28: Former British Supreme Court Judge sees manufactured hysteria

29: Bill Gates calls vaccine industry best investment ever

30: Bill Gates is the biggest sponsor of W.H.O.

31: Bill Gates bribed W.H.O. so they declared a global pandemic

32: Bill Gates wants a digital vaccine ID to force people to be vaccinated

33:Bill Gates patented technology to trace human body

34: Program to link digital ID to vaccines

34B: Global monitoring network

35: Project to film the whole earth day and night via 24 satellites

36: Bill Gates says 700,000 people will suffer permanent side effects

37: Article by Robert F Kennedy about horrific damage caused by Bill Gates

38: W.H.O. vaccine specialists recognize life-size dangers of vaccines

39: Bill Gates wants to reduce world population by 15%

40: Petition of 570,000 to the White House against Bill Gates for crimes against humanity

41:Facebook page announces deaths due to vaccination in Philippines

42: Interrogation: Facebook hides information about vaccine damage

43: Three major Twitter accounts of Truth About Vaccines deleted

44: CDC destroys evidence that vaccines cause autism

45: Dr Meryl Nass: vaccines cause autoimmune diseases

46: Dr Thomas Cowan: vaccines cause explosion of diseases in children

47:Dr Richard Moskowitz: vaccines cause death and permanent injury

48: Dr Stanley Plotkin: vaccines contain animal tissue and aborted baby

48B: Vaxxed documentary on vaccine damage

49: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte knows nothing about vaccine damage

50:RIVM deceives population with misinformation about vaccine damage

51: Interview with RIVM employee

52: RIVM mentions that they are financed by Bill Gates

52B: Sara Cunial in the Italian Chamber of Deputies

52C: Interview between heads of government on contact tracing

53:Italian politician confronts bribery Italian Government

54: Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo discuss large-scale control network

55: Document Rockefeller Foundation outlines plan for total control

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