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Winter Tips for Nourishing Kidneys and How to Identify Dysfunction

Jan 13 2023

Our kidneys play a vital role in the healthy function of our bodies. Knowing how to nourish, treat, and identify dysfunction of the kidneys, especially in the winter months is valuable.

Jonathan Liu, a professor at Georgian College in Canada and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner, provides tips to strengthen the kidneys in the winter months and how to recognize early symptoms of illness.

Kidney Disease Tends to Develop in Winter

According to a report from The International Society of Nephrology, more than 850 million people worldwide have some form of kidney disease.

In winter, bouts of kidney disease are more prevalent. Liu said that blood circulation is poor in cold weather. The kidneys are full of balls of capillaries, also known as the glomerulus, which metabolizes waste in the body. When it is cold, blood flow slows and can hinder the toxins from being properly excreted causing strain on the kidneys.

10 Warning Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Kidney dysfunction is sometimes called a “silent” disease as it can often be asymptomatic.

Knowing what to look for and early detection of illness is important. Liu provided ten warning signs and emphasized that fatigue and edema are clear early symptoms of kidney disease, and require immediate attention.

  1. Fatigue that is not alleviated by rest.
  2. Swelling around the eyes, known as periorbital edema.
  3. Calf or ankle edema.
  4. Frequent nighttime urination.
  5. Persistently foamy urine that increases over time.
  6. Sudden hypertension.
  7. Nausea and vomiting in the morning, especially for patients with high blood pressure or diabetes.
  8. A metallic taste in the mouth.
  9. White frost on the skin.
  10. Loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting that occur at the same time.

Diagnosing Kidney Disease: Checking Urine Foam

Foamy urine may be a symptom of kidney disease. Liu pointed out that there are various reasons that urine appears foamy with the following three being of no concern:

  1. Speed of urination creating foam.
  2. Reduction of water intake due to lack of thirst.
  3. Increased secretions in the urinary tract, such as prostatic fluid.

However, the following three reasons for the foamy quality do require your attention:

  1. Higher urine glucose in middle-aged men due to higher blood sugar levels.
  2. Urinary system infection: Discomfort and incomplete urination are symptoms of urethritis, prostatitis, and cystitis.
  3. Proteinuria: The urine has an odor similar to beer, and has fine foam that does not disappear within 10 minutes. This situation requires scrupulous attention.

It’s important to note that “benign” proteinuria can also cause increased foamy urine. Causes of benign proteinuria include strenuous exercise, medication, acute hyperthermia (fever or heat stroke), dehydration, hypothermia, and large fluctuations in blood pressure.

How Does TCM Suggest Treating Kidney Disease?

Liu pointed out that TCM treatment of kidney disease starts from what is called the “Three Warmer” (TW). The TW has been recorded in the classic text, “The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon,” written more than 2,000 years ago.

The TW is a channel for transferring water. It is divided into three sections—the upper, middle, and lower warmers from top to bottom. Whether the TW exists anatomically has been controversial since ancient times. Liu believes that scientists have recently discovered that the interstitium and fascia around the internal organs comprise the TW referred to in the “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon.”

According to a study published in 2018 in Scientific Reports, a journal of Nature, the interstitium is a fluid-filled complex network that transports fluid. When an organ is diseased, tumor cells and toxic substances diffuse through the interstitium.

When the kidneys are diseased, they cannot metabolize water normally, causing many toxins to accumulate in the body. TCM treatment will start from the TW to regulate water metabolism.

When the edema occurs on the top warmer, including swollen eyelids, swollen face, and sore throat, the method of “sweating” to encourage the body to discharge the water from the upper warmer is recommended. When edema occurs on ankles, calves, or thighs, the method of promoting urination to facilitate the drainage of water from the lower body will be used.

Liu said that he once treated a child who was infected with the flu virus and had acute kidney disease. The child had a sore throat, swollen eyelids, and was unable to urinate for several days. After the treatments of sweating and promoting urination, the child was completely cured.

Invigorating Kidneys in Winter Depends on Individual Constitution

Winter is a season for strengthening the kidneys. TCM believes that there are different ways to maintain health throughout the year. As the temperature is cold in winter, the energy of nature is in a state of convergence to reserve energy for the upcoming spring.

Liu suggested that to keep the kidneys well, the winter diet should be light and balanced in five tastes, including sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty, and that eating more garlic can warm your kidneys. Garlic can also have the effects of antimicrobial activity, reducing blood fat, and increasing appetite.

Liu also recommends eating mushrooms, which contain plant polysaccharides, known as natural immune modulators. In addition, avoid eating high-sugar, high-fat, and high-salt foods, while increasing the intake of dietary fiber, which is good for gastrointestinal health.

According to TCM, people have different constitutions, thus the ways of replenishing can differ. The two common constitutions are the cold constitution and the hot constitution. According to Liu, people with a cold constitution are more affected by cold—and suffer from cold hands and feet. They also have white and swollen tongues. People with a hot constitution are more affected by heat and suffer from dry mouth, constipation, bad breath, red lips and tongue, and less tongue coating.

People with a cold constitution are suitable to eat more chives, lychees, and longan, which can warm the body. Those with a hot constitution should eat more Chinese yams, lentils, and wolfberries. These foods all have the effect of strengthening the kidneys.

Acupoints and Exercise to Nourish the Kidney

In addition to dietary supplements, there are acupuncture points on the body connected to the kidneys. Massage of the acupuncture points can nourish the kidneys.

In TCM theory, the meridian is the tunnel in the human body for transmitting energy, and the internal organs are connected to the surface of the human body through the meridian. Some points on the meridian that have special functions are called “acupoints.” Acupuncture and moxibustion (application of dried mugwort using “moxa” wool) on the acupoints can treat the diseases of the corresponding viscera.

Liu pointed out two major acupoints for nourishing the kidney: Great Ravine (KI 3) and Kidney Shu (BL 23). The Great Ravine point is located in the depression between the tip of the medial malleolus and Achilles tendon; the Kidney Shu point is 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of L2.

Liu recommends massaging the acupoints every night after bathing. In addition to improving kidney health, it is also good for enhancing cold hands and feet, backache and leg pain, and memory loss.

Epoch Times Photo
Liu pointed out two major acupoints for daily kidney nourishment, Great Ravine (KI 3) and Kidney Shu (BL 23). (Health 1+1)

TCM believes that the kidneys store the “essence” of energy in the body. The brain, central nervous system, and bones all need nourishment from the kidney essence. Therefore, taking care of the kidneys can also strengthen the muscles and bones and improve memory.

Liu also recommends Kegel training for pelvic floor muscles, including hip lifts twice a day, 30-50 times a time. These two exercises will activate the Long Strong(GV 1) of the Du channel (Governing Vessel) and the Meeting of Yin (CV 1) of the Ren channel (Conception Channel), which can strengthen the most important life energy in the human body—vitality. In addition to being good for the kidneys, people will feel energized and clear-headed after doing Kegel exercises.

Epoch Times Photo
Liu also recommends Kegel training for pelvic floor muscles, including hip, lifts twice daily, 30-50 times a time. These two exercises will activate the Long Strong (GV 1) of the Du channel (Governing Vessel) and the Meeting of Yin (CV 1) of the Ren channel (Conception Channel). (Health 1+1)

Amber Yang

Amber Yang worked as a marketing manager for natural skin care products for years and as a health and beauty reporter and editor for ten years. She is also the host and producer of the YouTube programs “Amber Running Green” and “Amber Health Interview.”

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“Something Big Is About To Happen” [PREPARE NOW!!!] Jordan Peterson (2022)

Behind Disney

COVID Persists – What About the Vaccine?

Analysis by Dr. Meryl Nass

This article was originally published here.

COVID persists, but the COVID vaccine narrative has taken on so much water, the powers that be have stopped bailing, and are going to let these vaccines slowly sink. But what do they have in store for us next?

There has been so much bad news about the vaccines in the last few months, it even leaked into the mainstream media. I think the cabal’s plan, at least in the US but probably everywhere, is to stop propping the ludicrous vaccine claims up and allow them to die a natural death. I explain why below.

Reality Check

There was just too much bad news, too few getting boosted, too much resistance from parents. Getting 8 or 10 doses into everyone was not going to happen. The terrified obedient masses were becoming fewer and fewer.

For example, here is one story that got lots of traction: ABC News covered the fact that “At least 72 COVID cases in the fully vaccinated resulted from the Gridiron dinner.” Not only did Nancy Pelosi test positive, but several members of Biden’s Cabinet and many other Beltway glitterati did too. All of whom had to have been vaccinated in order to attend.

There was plenty of happy talk that the afflicted politicians in DC had only mild COVID cases. Good for them. But, if vaccinations caused them to become asymptomatic spreaders instead of spreaders with symptoms, who would know to stay home while sick, the vaccines could actually be doing more harm than good in terms of transmission. They could be causing more COVID cases, not less.

By now, it has to be apparent to everyone who walks by a newsstand or turns on the TV that the media are begging much too hard for more shots.

It must be obvious to all that the shots do not prevent spread and therefore there is no logical way you can mandate them. Because if my shot does not protect you (and only with lots of fairy dust will it protect me) why would you have any interest in whether or not I am vaccinated?

Once you stop caring about my vaccination status, the cabal’s nexus of control starts to fall apart. That was their ace in the hole. Time for them to move on to something else.

A Crime Has Been Committed

The kicker for childhood vaccines: the New York state Department of Health study of vaccine efficacy in children. After 2 months, efficacy in the 5-11 year olds had fallen to 12%. In other words, 7 out of 8 vaccinated kids derived no benefit after 2 months, only risk.

The data were derived from 365,000 children, and apparently there was no way CDC could spin them, or 12% was the best spin they could put on the data. This report is a huge obstacle to universal child vaccinations. They cabal cannot surmount it.

It is important to mention again — because we keep forgetting — that while the vaccines are nominally licensed for adults, in fact you can only find the EUA (unlicensed) product in the US, and legally an EUA is experimental — and therefore forcing someone to be vaccinated is a Nuremberg violation and a violation of federal law.

The imposition of mandates for these experimental gene therapy products is therefore a crime, being committed by states, federal government and certain companies and other institutions. It seems that because US law was not designed for situations in which the government is the criminal, it has been very difficult to use the judicial system to change what is happening.

But surely if this persisted much longer an honest judge somewhere would finally rule that the vaccines are experimental and the COVID mandate house of cards would then collapse. Like Humpty Dumpty (it is Easter today after all):

“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put COVID mandates together again.”

Deaths Are Piling Up

What else has been happening that undermines the vaccine story? Well, in addition to all the collapsing athletes, there is now a large collection of mayors suddenly dropping dead throughout Germany.

In Australia, Queensland’s health minister just admitted that ambulances are being summoned for a lot more calls for cardiac events and sudden deaths: 40% more to be exact. Thanks to Igor Chudov for following this story, and including a video of the clueless minister admitting it, but having no idea why …

Then there were the 3 insurance companies, one each from the US, India and Germany, that admitted there were about 40% more deaths than expected in working-age people in the second half of 2021. The German official who blew the whistle, a CEO or VP, was immediately fired, which is a strong indication he was telling the truth.

Three doctor whistleblowers released a large cache of data from the military’s DMED database showing huge increases in service-member deaths. There has been a lot of confusion about these data. In part, that is because the military then reissued its data for the preceding several years, making the 2021 comparison look less dire. Mathew Crawford has some ideas about what really happened to the data.

The only thing that is absolutely clear so far is that there has been a coverup, and the health of vaccinated members of the military appears to have taken a dive. But we don’t know how deep.

Myocarditis — Conspiracy Theory No More

Everyone in the world must have heard the term ‘myocarditis’ by now, and knows that it is a vaccine injury. A lot of people also know that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said post-vaccination myocarditis was extremely “rare but mild,” except it isn’t and she lied. The rate of myocarditis she cited is at least 10 times too low. About 1 in 2000 young men aged 18-24 sought care for this diagnosis after getting their second mRNA shot.

In fact, CDC was so intensely worried about blowback regarding its recommendation to vaccinate teens (despite the risk of myocarditis) it got the heads of about 20 professional medical organizations to sign on to a declaration supporting CDC’s recommendation. Wonder how much CDC paid for that. Getting such back-up was an unusual move, but perhaps unsurprising for risk-averse bureaucrats who worry about their own butt but not anyone else’s.

Rochelle even mentions these “cosigners” from many medical organizations in her ABC-TV interview. Collecting a bunch of “co-signers” is actually the proof that CDC knew its vaccine recommendation was going to considerably harm children.

While no one in a federal health agency has admitted it, many people must be aware that myocarditis is only the tip of the COVID vaccine injury iceberg. Myocarditis got attention because it’s life-threatening and almost always happens within 4 days of the second shot — it can’t be written off as coincidence, the way heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary emboli, sudden deaths and perhaps many other diagnoses have been.

As if there wasn’t enough bad vaccine news, there was information from the Medicare database that FDA posted last July, but it only recently got attention. FDA revealed that heart attacks, pulmonary emboli, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC, a life-threatening, bleeding plus clotting disorder) and ITP (another bleeding disorder) were related to the Pfizer vaccination in Medicare beneficiaries.

FDA promised to study this rigorously, but instead remained silent, and subsequently has never denied the relationship.

Ivermectin Success Stories Abound

And then there is ivermectin. So many ivermectin stories have been leaking into the popular press. Tennessee’s legislature made ivermectin essentially an over-the-counter drug last week. New Hampshire’s house voted in favor of this as well, while the NH Senate is now taking it up. Several states gave healthcare providers an immunity guarantee for the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for COVID.

Kansas’ Senate voted to strengthen religious exemptions and give safe harbor to those prescribing ivermectin, effectively undermining school vaccine mandates if it is enacted. Kansas also refused to enforce any adult vaccine mandates.

Coupled with stories about lawsuits against hospitals for refusing to supply ivermectin to dying relatives, like this one, people are finally realizing there is probably something to this drug, and they have been cheated. They were given a shot that barely works, is unsafe, and they were stopped from getting the good drug. And what if they lost their business to the lockdowns?

There must be a lot of anger simmering by now. I imagine the Great Reset cabal must be worried about this, and has decided to loosen its grip for the moment and hopefully let off some citizen steam.

The Tide Is Turning

There is more surprising vaccine news. While many institutions are still imposing mandates (and we need to find out what $ carrots were given to universities and other entities to impose illegal mandates of experimental vaccines) in other, surprising places the mandates are disappearing. Out west in Woke Land, the Washington state Department of Health said it would not require COVID vaccines to attend school after all.

Despite Gavin Newsom’s 2021 executive order mandating vaccines for school kids as soon as they are licensed, California’s Department of Health has just done the same thing that Washington’s did: killed the COVID vaccine mandate for the 2022-23 school year.

Finally, Fauci himself and various media now openly admit the vaccines will not take us to herd immunity (no matter how many shots we get).

This is why I am convinced the ship is turning and the current vaccine programs will be scuttled. Those states’ health departments take their orders from CDC and DC. I do not think FDA is going to be issuing any more fake licenses for COVID vaccines.

[I say fake because a) the vaccines do not meet licensure criteria, and b) after issuing the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines licenses for adults, neither licensed product has been distributed in the US for actual use]. The Advisory Committee meeting to deliberate on vaccines for kids aged 6 months up to 5 years was delayed from February to April, and now from April till June. It seems like our unvaxxed kids will be spared. Hallelujah!

Invalid Surrogates Used for the EUAs

During the April 6, 2022 Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting, which I live-blogged and summarized, both briefers and committee members acknowledged that the neutralizing antibody titers that have been used as a surrogate for immunity in order to issue EUAs, were in fact not valid surrogates.

This had been obvious for awhile, but a recent Israeli study in healthcare workers made it crystal clear. While neutralizing antibody titers rose tenfold after a fourth vaccination, by 2 months out the Pfizer vaccine had only 30% efficacy against infection, and the Moderna vaccine had only 11%. So the high antibody titers were, in fact, meaningless.

This is really important, because Pfizer and Moderna have been relying on titers to get their vaccines okayed for the younger age groups, those below 16 and 18 respectively. They don’t have data showing the vaccines are actually reducing cases by 50% or more, which is the standard FDA said was necessary. They don’t have data showing that the vaccines prevent serious cases or deaths, another standard.

Up until now, FDA accepted titers in lieu of actual efficacy results from clinical trials to issue its EUAs for children — but with the recent VRBPAC admissions, which must have been planned in advance (otherwise why did multiple people at the meeting discuss it as settled fact when they had never mentioned it before?) FDA can no longer do so.

Another thing that happened at the VRBPAC meeting was that Peter Marks, the head of FDA’s Center for Biologics and highest FDA official there, said that if a new type of COVID vaccine is developed for the next booster, then the current vaccines would no longer be used, because it would be too confusing (according to STAT). Too confusing?! I believe this was another effort to prepare us for the demise of the current mRNA vaccines.

The fall of the vaccines means the fall of the vaccine passports. This ought to slow down the imposition of CBDCs and all-digital money for a bit. If we don’t have to show our vaccine certificate to go shop, eat, etc., (and people stop being fearful of catching something from each Other) people will be a lot less inclined to “show their papers” to go about their lives. It’s our job to explain over and over that this was how the Nazis maintained control.

Here I Read the Tea Leaves

If there is a new vaccine waiting in the wings, FDA and its briefers were not telling us about it at the VRBPAC meeting, which was the time to do so. For right now, I think the current crop of vaccines and the vaccine passports are going away. I don’t think the authorities anticipate another severe COVID wave in the foreseeable future … as most people now have Omicron immunity. The COVID fear will dissipate.

The original Wuhan strain appeared out of nowhere. No natural progenitor could be found. And the original Omicron strain appears to have also originated in a lab. If I was a member of the Great Reset cabal, I would be quite hesitant about releasing yet a third lab-engineered virus on the population. Because millions of people will be looking for one, and it won’t take long before its laboratory provenance is discovered. Then the pitchforks might really come out.

On the other hand, I do believe the cabal has bet the farm on their Reset, they can’t go back, and they are simply moving on to another means of accomplishing it besides COVID. The over-the-top WHO Treaty/Constitution and its amendments designed to assume sovereignty over the world in the event of a pandemic is an ambitious Plan B.

But I don’t think it will fly. Too many people know the WHO was wrong about virtually everything regarding management of this pandemic, not to mention the 2009 swine flu. And then there was that little matter of WHO undertaking the SOLIDARITY Trial, in which WHO officials deliberately poisoned over 1,000 COVID patients with excessive doses of hydroxychloroquine and in many cases failed to obtain signed informed consents. The WHO could be liable for manslaughter.

Will Russia and China really agree to give up their sovereignty to Tedros? China, maybe. Brazil? India? Indonesia? Japan? Nigeria? Can all of their leaders, and their local power centers, have been sufficiently corrupted to turn over their nations to the cabal? I think that could be a stretch.

I suspect the cabal will try their best to get a legal OK to take over the world with the upcoming WHO pandemic treaty, but it won’t fly. Too many people already know about these plans.

What’s Plan C?

After the WHO, the cabal will move on to something else, Plan C. Climate catastrophe? Yet more wars? Aliens? I’m guessing it will be a few years before we get hit with another nasty bug. By then maybe the fiat currencies will have finally crashed, and the cabal won’t have as tight control of the reins. By then, Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Macron, Johnson, Trudeau, Draghi will hopefully be unpleasant memories.

I am not thinking we will all sing kumbaya. I expect a good deal of misery as the cabal pushes all the levers at its disposal.

The Shanghai city and port closure (China’s largest city and the world’s largest port) seems to me a deliberate attempt to interfere with worldwide transit of goods and to reduce food availability. The Chinese know how to treat COVID. They make the drugs and herbs. There is no need for them to lock down.

Don’t miss all the food warehouses that caught fire recently, or the refusal of the Union Pacific railroad to carry 20% of the fertilizer the US’s biggest fertilizer producer expected to ship.

We are finally understanding that the awful government policies were deliberate — intended to cement control over and impoverish us. But maybe we can start to build something a whole lot better.

We are shaking loose of the educational indoctrination system, the ruination of our foods, the user-unfriendly and health-damaging healthcare system. We are starting to grasp that our governments acted with malice aforethought to stupefy and eventually enslave us.

People are breaking free and taking responsibility for their future. Where I live, people are learning self-sufficiency skills, creating home-schooling coops, building greenhouses and growing food. The migration to the countryside was deliberate.

A better life? It just takes everybody waking up. Despite all the acrimony we have faced, the time is ripe to help our fellows see things clearly. We have to love them, help them, meet them where they are. Maybe it is just to talk about the Gridiron dinner. Or ivermectin. They won’t get it in a day. But keep trying. It is our only solution.

2000 Mules Trailer

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Update on Grand Jury (Nuremberg 2.0)

See the source image  Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer who has been working tirelessly at holding world governments accountable, spearheading the largest Grand Jury trial ever seen in history (known by many around the world as Nuremberg 2.0, though this is, in fact, not what the trial aims to do).

With the Corona Investigative Committee having live-streamed 5 sessions of the Grand Jury thus far with experts from all over the globe, Dr. Fuellmich joins us again tonight for an update.

You can stay up to date with the Grand Jury here and via Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Telegram.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Update on Grand Jury (Nuremberg 2.0)

Grand Jury Opening Statement

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