History is Being Made; Nurse Tell Story of What Hospitals are Doing; Update on Nuremburg 2

History is Being Made

The World is waking up and saying no more. This is not going away until all  of us stand up for freedom. It will be the biggest revolution the world has ever known. They have lied to us, hospitals are now  purposely killing people for money;  the experimental jab are cause injuries and death.  It is time to resist and support those that do.   The video below is just one story of many of what the hospitals are doing.


Join the moment. Resist
Update on Nuremburg Two

We Are At War; Censorship by MSM; Who Really Controls the World; And Depopulation Agenda

We are at war. It is time to pick a side, either you are going to be compliant and do what you are told or you are going to resist. Resist means no mask, no jab of the experimental so-called vaccine. Turn of the mainstream media and follow your God Given Gift of discernment. Riccardo Bosi of the AustraliaOne party  is telling Aussies to Stand Up, Wake Up and Stand together. That message is to the world. Stop Complying !!!!! Resist!!!!

The Mainstream is lying to all of us. Turn off the propaganda and use logical and critical thinking especially when it comes to jab. Anything pushed by Mainstream Media and all the other corrupt corporations and government politician and bureaucrat is a lie.


We were told Ivermectin is simply used on animals but in reality it a cure for COVID and even the common cold.

This video is an eye opener and very informative. It is  time to wake up and see the world is not as it seems.


Depopulation has been in the making for a long time

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