Israel is Part Greatest Psyop of All Time

They cannot stop unity

The global crises have reminded us that we are all fragile and susceptible to getting sick and even dying suddenly. For the first time, humanity stopped dead in it’s tracks due to a manipulated small virus, a microorganism that we cannot even see. It completely altered our routines and destroyed our future plans based on fear and the chance of death, which is less than one percent.

The world was purposely deceived. From birth, our minds have been plagued and even programmed by outside influences. These influences have shaped our reality regardless of how much we try to avoid it. Social influence takes a number of forms, mainstream and social media, government officials, education systems, the medical community, religion and especially the pharmaceutical industry. One type of such influence is conformity; when a person adopts the opinions or behaviors of others such as; wear or not wear a mask or to take or not take the vaccine. Wars and rumors of war all to keep us confused and living in fear. One side pushes to change what the other side believes much like opposing forces, yin and yang.

Based on the last few years with all the deception and lies about the plandamic, we are now learning we have been deceived for a long time. It is time Humanity to wake up and demand justice to ensure this never happens again.

2 thoughts on “Israel is Part Greatest Psyop of All Time”

  1. Those of us who are awake know we have to stand up, but how do we do that exactly? We cannot protest peacefully, we don’t have a voice since we are being shut down by every outlet, and now, they are telling us that the government is coming for those who are MAGA people? If I knew how to take a stand, I would. What am I missing here?

    1. You are taking a stand. We stand up for our principles, boycott companies, share the truth the best we can. Say no to the next plandamic to mask and vaccine. This is taking a stand

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