Returning to God

Spirituality is a broad concept for anyone trying to define their belief system. We are all spiritual seekers looking for ways to enhance and bring us closer to our Source. Many start by seeking the truth from wisdom teachings, world religions, philosophies, and belief systems. The study of energy, meditation, science, metaphysics, extraterrestrial, and the esoteric teachings of Jesus, Buddha and many others also provided a good foundation. The Law of One, an event that occurred in 1981 through 1984, provides an understanding of our world, our universe and most importantly, Infinite Intelligence, the Source we call God and relates to the video above.

Our Divine Source, our Creator, God by many different names is pure universal energy with an intelligence beyond our comprehension. This energetic source encompasses and resonates with everything in the universe, down to the molecules in our bodies. Within each and everyone of us is a divine spark of universal energy, waiting to be awakening. This energy can provide healing, discernment, synchronicity’s and much more that can guide us through our lives if we pay attention.

Our spirituality is one that looks for our Creator within ourselves through meditation, contemplation and prayer. It puts love over fear, service to others over service to self and the unity of all. We should consider how our thoughts, emotions and actions not only create our own reality but contribute to the world’s reality.

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