Science and Spirituality Merge

Consider the world is not as it seems and our physical and metaphysical worlds are inseparable. What we thought was true is no longer valid, and what we believed is false could be true. In other words, the world is upside down. As above, so below.

What if we learned that we could heal ourselves, manifest our desires and wishes, and contribute to a world. A world with no disease, wars or rumor of wars, people working together to help each other and our environment. Science and spirituality are now in unison saying the same thing. Everything is energy, even our thoughts, emotion and actions. Our thoughts snd emotions even change our cells in our bodies creating either harmony or disharmony, health or disease. Image what we are doing to our world.

We are very powerful beings, but have forgot our true selves. That is what we are chasing, our true nature

Dr Bruce Lipton explains in the video below.

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