Vaccine Murders in Australia; Major Networks REJECT Documentary For Criticizing China; Vaccine Mandates and Injuries

Australian GP confirms death rate amongst children is “52 times higher” than unvaccinated children

Major Networks REJECT Documentary For Criticizing China, Sparking Scandal


Ron Johnson Leads Expert Panel on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates and Injuries


Meanwhile Ireland takes steps towards a social credit system with new digital health pass. The elites are serious, it is time for the masses to say no more.


Stop World Control

Former PFIZER vice-president Dr. Michael Yeadon warns humanity not to take the vaccine



The World is Changing; No One is Going to Save Us But Ourselves; Stop World Control

The World use to be a simple place when you are young but times have changed. Students are standing up to the tyranny and this is just the beginning.


I don’t want to go overboard on this news story, but for now, at least, it appears that GoFundMe has cut off funding of the Canadian truckers’ protest:

A fundraising campaign for truckers in the Freedom Convoy 2022 has been Frozen by GoFundMe after it raised over CA$10 million (US$7.96 million.)

“This fundraiser is currently paused and under review to ensure it complies with our terms of service and applicable laws and regulations,” reads a message placed at the top of the fundraising page.
The review by GoFundMe appears to be focused on several areas: the identity of the fundraisers, use of the raised funds, and if the fundraising “reflects or promotes behavior in support of violence.”

Honestly, I am not shocked that some GoFundMe campaigns may be entirely fraudulent. Possibly this is one of them, although “promot[ing] behavior in support of violence” would be an absurd charge against the truckers. But is it just my imagination, or does GoFundMe, like all other internet operations, scrutinize conservative-leaning entities in a way that doesn’t apply to those on the left?

We will see how this plays out, but my guess is that the Canadian truckers will continue to upset the left-wing apple cart with or without help from GoFundMe or other liberal internet organizations.

Stop World Control

It is hard to believe that such a global deception could occur, yet the evidence is all here. Thousands of medical doctors, nurses, and patients around the world testify of completely false covid registrations. Funeral directors confirm countless false death certificates. Read The shocking truth about COVID-19.

Doctors and Lawyers discussion Nuremberg 2.0
Dr. Malone says attorneys are looking at legal cases against Big Tech as their suppression of adverse events prevented true informed consent.
Fight for the Children, spread the truth and resist. Go to school board meetings, council meetings, and let your voices be heard. Get involved. Where we go one we go all.

Attention Patriots


Stop World Control

Stop World Control

Everyday more people around  the world are waking up.  The veil is being lifted to reveal the criminal network that owns and manipulates our world.

Join humanity’s leading voices in the fields of science, healthcare, law and journalism  who are speaking out. Listen to these heroes of humanity, who risk everything to inform you about what is truly happening in the world today.

The video below is the shot that needs to be heard around the world. It is brilliant documentary and piece of work. This is part of our great awakening.

Stop World Control 

Grace is the spiritual freedom that arises when you realize that life is a gift. From this awareness you seek to live in harmony with the Infinite Creator, the  power that creates the cosmos. From this friendship arises a profound feeling of happiness as well as spiritual, emotional and mental freedom. When you awake, you will realize, we are the light, we are the truth, we are the way, we are the Christ Consciousness the world is waiting for, the second coming of Christ. 

Simply Consciousness: What is Christ Consciousness?

Theory of Stupidity 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer argued that stupid people are more dangerous than evil ones. This is because while we can protest against or fight evil people, against stupid ones we are defenseless — reasons fall on death ears. Bonhoeffer’s famous text, which we slightly edited for this video, serves any free society as a warning of what can happen when certain people gain too much power. #stupidity #sprouts

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